Every One Who Loved This Man Please Read.

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  • Every One Who Loved This Man Please Read.

    Dear, everyone who loved monte

    This man was a wonderful man. today he past away in his workshop. He pasted down everything he knew abought woodworking to me. i enjoyed evey minute i was in his shop. I just wanted everyone to know that he will not be coming back to the woodworking Forum. I am going to try and keep his shop going but i am only 15 so i cant help much. But i think he died in a place were all of us want to die, in his shop. just wanted every one to know i loved Tom Drake.



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    Hi Kyle - very sad to hear - condolences from Australia.

    I'll miss his posts. I only hope I'm in my Shed when it's my time.
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      I am sorry for your loss. I hope he is in a place where the sawdust is plenty.
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        I'm very sorry to hear that. Monte was a very prolific poster and he made the forum a little richer place to be. He will be missed.

        I gather from his profile that he was only 57 years old - born November 1948. Being only a few years younger it makes me sense my mortality.

        Seems his last post this morning was answering one of my questions.

        Kyle, are you a relative or a friend of Monte's? MY condolences either way, to have lost a friend, relative or simply mentor is a deep loss.

        pic of Monte in his shop from his webpage (Click it):

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          Sorry to hear that. He will be missed Kyle. I hope to go that way when its my time, doing something that I love.Sorry for your loss.
          Wayne J


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            I am sorry for your loss, our prayers go out to you..
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              This is the saddest news I heard since I joined the Forum.

              Rest in Peace, my brother.

              You'll always have a shop to work in in my heart.

              Even though Monte probably wasn't Jewish, tomorrow morning I'll go to my local temple and recite the Hebrew prayer for the dead in Monte's honor.

              Kyle, if there's anything you or the family needs, call me 845-352-0658

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                Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and with you Kyle.
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                  Very sad news, he will be missed. My prayers are going out to you and the rest of his family.



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                    Wow. I'm shocked, floored, and completely bummed. Although very few of us ever meet face to face there is a feeling on this forum that you kinda know certain people. This was one decent dude who was always sincere and complimentary....he actually posted several times this morning. I just can't believe it. Hang in there Kyle. You were lucky to have such a great mentor. Peace.


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                      I will lift his family and you up in prayer. He will certainly be missed!
                      Hank Lee

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                        I will miss his posts for sure. I am sorry for you and your family and also for the people on this forum who enjoyed his posting.


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                          I am stunned... But that's where I want to be when my time comes. I hope you can keep the shop going. Part of him will always be there.
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                            This is just stunning.

                            My condolences
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                              Originally posted by LCHIEN
                              I'm very sorry to hear that. Monte was a very prolific poster and he made the forum a little richer place to be. He will be missed.
                              That's almost an understatement. I had to go back and look, but the very last post I read this morning before heading out was his reply on the HF brad nailer.

                              And then the very first I have to read tonight was this. Sigh.

                              My condolences to his family- has anyone heard of how his wife had been doing lately? Such a bad few months for thier family....