My heart, mind, and soul are shattered.

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  • My heart, mind, and soul are shattered.

    I am probably going to be away from here for a bit. Hopefully not too horribly long, but I have suffered what I believe to be the ultimate loss in life shy of a parent losing a child, and that is my beautiful , young-ish, bride of 15 years went home to be with the Lord yesterday evening.

    Shop time is therapy though, I think as soon as I can think straight I am going to get in there and build stuff. Doesn't matter what, just build stuff...
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    David, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. While there is nothing that can be said to make this time easier for you, know my prayers are with you.
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      Our sincerest sympathies to you and family.

      Cherish the life that you had together and remember those years because they will make you strong!

      With sorrow for your loss,

      Think it Through Before You Do!


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        Dave, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how much time you spent trying to please her, she was the apple of your eye, the center of your life, the foundation of your home, the partner in your adventures.

        My deepest condolences. I know it will take time to recover from this. There will be so much to remind you of her. Please take the time you need to get past this.

        Loring in Katy, TX USA
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          Dave, I'm so truly sorry for your loss. You have my deepest condolences.



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            My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in your time of grief.
            Don, aka Pappy,

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              I have no words that can adequately comfort you at this terrible time. Take care and let the pain flow until it's done, and it will ebb.
              Jim Frye
              The Nut in the Cellar.
              ”Sawdust Is Man Glitter”


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                Dave, So sorry to hear this. Lifting you in my prayers.
                Hank Lee

                Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!


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                  I just wanted to update everyone here. Obviously I am not doing well, but I am at least less hysterical than I was. The autopsy isn't done yet, but a nurse friend of ours given the info I had, sudden onset, doctor said some infection that cause enlarged heart etc... came up real quick with what she thinks happened, and the mild COVID suspicions of the tele health doc were way off.

                  I can't go into detail here for fear of stomping right over the no religion rule, but to say that she lived what she believed is an understatement. She made me a much better person for having known her, and I am grateful.

                  I am being supported, and surrounded by family, friends, and our church. so while all is not well with me, I am being taken care of.

                  To lose her so young is such a shock, so many plans now shifted,
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                    Dave I am so sorry for your loss. Prayers.
                    just another brick in the wall...


                    • dbhost

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                      Thanks Mark, and sorry about pocket dialing you!

                    • Black walnut

                      Black walnut
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                      No worries Dave. Pocket dial me anytime.

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                    I am so sorry to hear this. Hope you feel better soon. I lost my first wife about 12 years ago. It still stinks but I have a lot of great memories to get by.


                    • dbhost

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                      Well the history with me and women apparently isn't great. Lost wife #1, or Satanette as she decided a coworker was more interesting than me. Oh well... Had a girlfriend in the interim, who hit me with the I can't decide between you and my ex so I decided for her, she passed away 6 months later due to a Uterine Sarcoma, And now this. She was not always exactly agreeable, but she was a fantastic, loving, fun, and truly faithful wife, I finally got a good one and...

                    • Dedpedal
                      Dedpedal commented
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                      I hear ya my history hasn’t been the best either. Life is a lesson. My current and last wife is the best. We have a lot of adventures together and look forward to the future together.

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                    Dave, so sorry to hear of your loss, my prayers are with you brother.
                    Bill in Buena Park


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                      Dave, I can’t imagine what you are feeling, and your loss must be unbearable. Be strong my friend.
                      Thaj you for your latest post. My wife, like yours, is always at my side, whether I want her there or not. Earlier today I was really busy trying to figure out how to re-pipe my garden sprinkler system, and she was continuously asking me questions and getting in the way. I though of what you wrote earlier today in another post and said to her, let’s go get something to eat, this stuff can wait till tomorrow. We all need to enjoy each other’s company while we still can,
                      Be strong my friend
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