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  • Another Daylight Savings poll

    In my first poll
    there was a clear preference to ending time changes. I think this may also be reflected in the growing awareness that time change has societal effects on our well being that impacts us around that time when we make the change. For an example there is a measurable increase in heart attacks (24%) in the week following the time changes, Productivity declines and accidents increase during the week after a time change.

    Presuming that we do away with time change altogether, then this poll asks whether or not we should be on the standard time permanently or on daylight savings time permanently.
    Supposed advantages of permanent DST vs std time
    • safer traffic; darkness in evening traffic is more deadly than morning darkness for several reasons
    • energy savings (although that is arguable)
    • increased daylight hours later is good for business and recreation
    • decreased crime with fewer evening dark hours. Apparently criminals don't like to be up early.
    on the down side you'll be getting up to more dark mornings.
    I'm in favor of permanent Daylight Savings Time
    I'm in favor of permanent Standard Time

    The poll is expired.

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    It seems if we did stop moving the clocks around, the preference would be for permanent DST:


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      I can't vote. Either way, AZ won't be affected. I guess for me and my customers it's marginally more convenient if CA is an hour off, and NY is only two off.


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        I don't know, seems like it's all a state of mind anyway. But, it just seems like a odd way to handle the daylight problem, if there really is one to be perceived. I never really could quite understand the whole thing. If we don't like working 8 to 5 because when we get out it's starting to get dark, then why not simply work 7 to 4 and adjust everything accordingly on a permanent basis. I know, shifting the clocks is probably easier, at least in our minds but actually the frame of time remains the same. Is it so hard for the many to just recognize that winter daylight is just shorter?

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          I already work 7 to 4 and wish it stayed light out later. I'd work 6 to 3 but my wife doesn't like going to bed early and we'll usually watch an episode or two of whatever TV show we're watching before bed. I think it's easier to just enact permeant DST instead of trying to convince her to change bedtime.


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            I like working 8am to 4pm and think that everyone should have to work this time! If you have to work later than than that you should buy a headlamp so you can see. Kinda like what the current political beliefs.


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              I like working from around noon or 1 until midnight or 2, then sleeping for 10-12 hours, then working whatever time that puts me at. Unfortunately the rest of the world expects me to be somewhat available around the 8-5 range. *******s.


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                When I worked full time, it was more about what I had on my schedule and not so much about the so called "office hours". The office hours for Engineering was 8:00 to 5:00, but I too often found myself in the office (or the shops) at 7:00 am or earlier, and most of the time worked to at least 6:00 pm, often coming back to the office at 7:00 pm for another hour or two. Then there was four hours on Saturday morning for all too many weeks out of the year. On many less busy days (a minority), I'd come in a little past 8:00 am, which really would aggravate the he!! out of my manager! I'd remind him that I didn't see him last Saturday, or after supper on any night and the only reason I often knew he was there during the day was that at 5:01 I could hear his coat hanger swinging on the door. I was a "salaried" employee, which meant my hours were dictated by the needs of the product contract and those engineering personnel that I supported. And, I did that for most of the thirty years I worked for the Rand.

                When I was a young guy of 19, I had a job as a QA inspector for a local factory. We landed a new contract with Ford and went to double shifts and I worked both, coming in at 3:00 PM and worked until 7:00 AM the next morning. I had eight hours to ring out and then ring back in for work. And that schedule had me working Saturday's and Sundays too. Something about labor law required that I have every other Sunday off. That lasted for about three months and let me tell you, I was like a zombie!

                It's nice to be retired!

                Think it Through Before You Do!


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                  My boss is a real prick and expects me to be constantly available for customers, mostly on their schedule. (I own the company.)


                  • cwsmith
                    cwsmith commented
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                    I understand.

                    When you work for a company you generally only have one or two bosses, but when you work for yourself, every customer or client is your boss!


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                  For the past year, one of my primary clients is in Ustron Poland so my work hours are midnight to 8 am which coincides with the head of finance's hours of 7 am -3 pm. Starting next week I'll be on Chicago time. I don't recall the last time I worked in my own time zone. I've also mostly been on call 24/7 for the past 25 years or so, but only had 2 calls I needed to deal with personally at "unreasonable" hours in the past 12 months.
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                    For those of us that have jobs that require early rise DST is almost unbearable in the summer. It is light until after 9. Depending on what my current load and destination I might need to get to bed before 7PM. Up at 3 to be on the road by 4AM. Standard time would be much preferred. With daylight earlier more hours of driving in the light.
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                      I prefer DST. Before I retired it gave me an extra hour of daylight after I got home. Still prefer it since I don't get up and get moving as early as I used to.
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                        The idea of more daylight in the evenings is a strong factor in favor of permanent DST. I think for that reason alone, that's where my vote is. I don't necessarily feel like I need or even want it to be light at 9pm, which happens on the long end, but when it gets dark at 4:30pm in the winter, that's a real downer. Interesting poll, I had never really considered the possibility of permanent DST, but it's sounding pretty good.

                        I also agree with just sticking to one or the other. Risking a stroke or a heart attack just isn't worth it.
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