Where have all the sawdust makers gone?

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  • Where have all the sawdust makers gone?

    I have noticed of late what seems to be a dramatic reduction in posts and general discussion. This seems true even amongst some of the more longer standing members. Do we think this is a result of the site changes? While the more modern look is appealing I think most would agree that some functionality is now rather confusing.

    Whatever the reasons we should attempt to find out how to fix them and reinvigorate this site. It has always been one of my favorite places and I would love to see it return to its former position and not wither on the vine.

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    I agree.


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      With this post I first got this error.


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        Im hoping that it is just this heat wave that is keeping everyone huddled up around the air conditioner and not in the shop. I guess that after Kerry gets air conditioners outlawed we will have more shop time, except for the time we are walking down to the branch to get cool milk out of the spring, (Thats not political, that's just plain out funny)


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          I for one am not doing much woodworking these days. I hope to find a way to change that soon. I've soon to have a good supply of black walnut. I also hope to finish a set of three tables that I started a few years ago.

          I have no idea how to drive more traffic to our site without buying advertising other than word of mouth and social media.
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            I just ran some monthly statistics on post counts and historically summer months have almost half as many posts as winter months. I couldn't begin to explain why. Page views are relatively consistent with Friday being the worst day of the week consistently. I've noticed the same thing on some other forums I frequent but they don't let me in to the administration panel to run statistics so that is just anecdotal.

            That said, there has been a slow but steady decline in our forum traffic since 2008, and that pretty much applies to all forums everywhere.

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              I WANT to do some woodwork. BUT:

              Had grandson # 8 born three weeks ago in Dallas - spent 3 days there ; Had a Family re-union last week in Tennessee - 3 days there, Organized a three county area for a Mississippi Baptist Convention Board - Disaster Relief training two weeks ago (with certification to be able to work under FEMA rules), Organized and helped prepare a three county Pastors, Ministers and Wives appreciation evening/dinner 4 weeks ago; Been working in two counties for a Law Enforcement Appreciation Day in each; 4 church Back Yard Bible schools/Vacation Bible School that lasted 3 to 4 days each; Attended a 4 day conference in St Louis 4 weeks ago. And these type of works are not my specialty or focus.

              And I am supposed to be "part time" in my work and semi-retired.

              I built the tool tower posted a few weeks ago and now I can FIND ALL of my main tools. I am trying to clean the air conditioned storage room to make room for my lathe. And I am trying to figure out how to configure my Dust Collector so that it can be used in the AC room and the side room where most of the shop is - un heated, no AC, BS, DP, TS, Tables with table top sanders, and other stuff.

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                It's been really hot here and I don't have an Air conditioned shop. I also have been doing a few things, but they've been sort of minor and have not posted pictures - some planters for the garden and a step stool for a bed which as one recent post said has overly high legs and is used by a visiting pregnant DIL, so that helps her get up!
                Maybe I'll post some pictures.
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                  I recently finished the full sized mission style bed headboard and footboard ... that was a pretty big project and requires some significant shop cleanup. Summer is usually a slower time for me and woodworking projects just because of other summer activities with grandkids and family. I usually take a break between big projects to get over the "will I ever finish this?..." feeling and relish the "DONE" feeling before starting something new ... Pretty soon I'll need to start thinking about Christmas projects ... have a couple in mind ...
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                    I am not against change but I do find this new format less appealing than the old
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                      I too look forward to visiting the Sawdustzone every day, and while there is nothing specific that I can put my finger on, I'm not comfortable with the new look/operation of the recent change. But I also realize that I have so many negatives in my life at the moment that almost everything is clouded... simply no place that I can rest my mind at the moment; so the discomfort with the website is most likely just me.

                      Regarding actual woodworking, there just doesn't seem to be any free time, and its frustrating. I've got this new 12 x 20 shed in the back yard and no time to spend there, as life seems to be too full of far less likeable responsibilities. Yesterday the inside of the shed was 110 and the day before it was 114. A month ago I had purchased a 14,000 BTU portable A/C, but it simply couldn't keep up, so I returned it. (Now I'm thinking of going with a mini-split.) I find that I am barely getting an hour a day to go out there and do anything.

                      (At this point the loft extension and reinforcement is stalled and the wiring is at a halt until that is done.)

                      I see mentioned that the summer months are lower in activity than winters. For me, that is totally understandable as there are just so many more demands on my time with lawns to be mowed, hedges and other bushes to be trimmed, and far too many other activities with family, etc. Hopefully the fall with open up the time and I'll be able to go full bore on the new workshop. But that too brings some challenges with the forum too, as I imagine when we're in the middle of big projects, the concentration is more there, than on the forum. (I guess the forum comes before and after the actual woodworking, as we need to share what we want to do and then report how it all came out.)

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                        I go through waves where I get burned out doing woodworking after some time and take a month or 2 off. Living in socal it happens alot during summer when the uninsulated shop is super hot. I'll probably be starting soon next month and get some needed shop improvements.
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                          Another site I frequent also made changes to how you sign on and I was locked out for a month. I will get over it but keep up the good work on the site.

                          Regards Bob


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                            SawDustZone CHANGES: I abhor computer OS changes because I hate having to adjust to what it took me a good while to master. BUT, I "usually" like the smoother and quicker operations, new features and more powerful abilities that come with each generation of an application. Applications can't advance past a certain point in any given OS.

                            The same here with the SawDustZone Changes. It is taking some getting "use to" and I have adapted. I am becoming more aware of Computer OS changes and web page changes simply because I am aging and I watch and listen to my generation "not liking the changes" - especially LOML with FaceBook changes every 3 or 4 months. I used to like new cars every other year or so. Now I love riding in an old dependable paid off car! Shucks, my body changes, my grandkids change as they grow up. I hate text messaging that goes bling bling bling in the middle of the night (from relatives), but I love that I can get updated notes instantly while in a conference that I couldn't with a simple cell phone.

                            I personally have been one in my profession early on to be out on the cutting edge in methodology while hanging on to my roots in values and still am to some degree. Standing still is sliding backwards in many respects. I said that earlier this week to a group of pastors and it wasn't too welcomed. Still, I hate having to unlearn some routine things and relearn new. I fully understand the apprehension.
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                              Good discussion and I agree that summers will have othsr priorities and may well lead to less woodworking. I have a wall mounted ac in my shop and it can only just cope with the arizona summer mornings. By late afternoon is quite hit in the shop n unless you are right in front of the ac unit. Still better than previously when I had to work in my garage with the door open and a cage fan to circulate the hot air.

                              I was interested in the comment about general decline in all forums. Forum platforms may be old school but they represent one of the earliest forms of social media IMHO. I am not sure what else would replace forums so might this signal a downturn in the subject matter. Does anybody have any thoughts on this? I am sure our average age is 50 plus but there seems to be no shortage of younger folks who are renovating homes and this is often the catalyst for learning various crafts, at least it was for me.

                              Phoenix AZ - It's a dry heat

                              We all make mistakes and I should know I've made enough of them