Early lunchtime project for the shop The Tallerizer

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  • Early lunchtime project for the shop The Tallerizer

    Last weekend I rebuilt my sheet goods storage rack which had my Schmitt32 hole drilling jig on top of it. It ended up at 38 1/4” about 3” higher than the old one and I thought I had compensated by moving the jig forward, so I didn’t have to reach as much. It was still too much of a reach to use comfortably.

    Today’s lunchtime project had to happen in the morning since I have meetings scheduled over lunch. To make myself taller, I invented and built a tallerizer with the 2x4s salvaged from the old sheet goods rack. Some people may call it a platform or deck and they would be correct. It adds four and a half inches to my height.

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    Tallerizer’s? Reminds me of my old disco days! I was 6’5” 145 lbs, I looked good in my cherry colored silk shirt, super bell bottom jeans and these tallerizers!
    Click image for larger version

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