Miter saw bench extension tables left and right DONE

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  • Miter saw bench extension tables left and right DONE

    Build was simple, repurposed closet shelf stock and plywood, screws, and pocket screwx for the back. Smooth transition between saw and support table. The T track extens over the saw fence slightly to allow the flip stop to fully cover the table. I need to build one for the right side and then I will be adding the measuring tape...

    FWIW, once the extension tables are both done and installed, I am planning on pulling hte dust hood off of this thing and reworking it. Making it taller,a nd enclosing the saw tighter such that the aiflow will do a better, although I expect still not good job of capturing the dust from this thing.

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    That looks great!

    I have my saw on a miter saw stand, but have about 15" on both sides of the saw that could be supported permanently, and I need to make extensions like that. I had to measure and mark a dozen times making my work table last weekend. I sure could have used one. While I can't put a long one, 15 inches or so on each side of the saw will help tremendously.
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      Well the purpose was I was constantly rigging up stops with clamps and such and I just wanted a way to get the stops there on a more readily available basis. As they say 10/10 totally recommend!
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        Just my miter station that has worked for years. For ideas if you want. Very simple design.
        Basically it is a long 6-foot board with a t-track running the length and mountable, slidable saw support and workpiece supports.
        I find I don't need a rear fence rail... the boards are either going to be straight or not, the length of the saw fence is enough to make a good right angle cut at the blade.
        I have multiple supports, the main ones using ball bearing conveyor rollers I go on ebay cheap.
        The saw slides in the track, the supports slide in the track, which allows me to position the saw and supports to make long cuts right or left. And the sliding supports also have flip up stops to act as length stops... multiple ones and there are stops for the stops if I need multiple repeating lengths.
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          Editing a comment
          Pretty cool idea. I have 2x Harbor Freight non folding roller stands I need to do something with... This is the best idea I have seen so far....

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        My Hitachi saw is completely inside a box with clear plastic curtains closing off most of the open front. It does a really good job of capturing the dust. The problem is a lot of times I only need to make one quick cut and I hate to turn on the dust collector for a 5 second cut. Then it does what miter saws do and spews sawdust on the floor in front of the saw. At least a lot is captured inside the box.


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          Measured up, from the left of the kerf set at 90 degrees I have exactly 10" before I hit the new fence, the saw itself has inch marks in its fence and really isn't part of this assembly anyway, so I will start the tape at 10" and as they said, Go West Young... at one time, man...

          The flip stop stop nut is factory set just a hair too tight, I need to nudge it back just a shave so it takes less force to flip it, but will stay in position on its way...

          Started on the right side already. There is a step up between the miter saw bench and the attached mortiser cabinet. I did that to get the height o fhte mortiser level with the miter saw. I need to cut the notch in the back panel before moving forward with the rest of the build

          The good thing is with this particular configuration of the flip stop, I don't have to worry about dadoing in the T track, simply attach it to he top of a single piece of 3/4 stock and I am done. Makes the build faster and use less material, Certainly not as showy though...

          As I noted above, part of the point of this project is to try to use up scrap wood. I have a LOT of funny sized cutoffs of varying quality and stock. The left sde for example WAS material slated to become a closet shelf but I had too much. The right side is leftover scrap 3/4" unsanded ply that I am going to have to sand...

          I either do this with it, burn it, or throw it in the landfill. I figure making quick projects with it is the best use...
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            The miter saw bench extension tables are done and in, minus the tapes which are happening today.

            All the wood and screws except the pocket screws used to mount them are reclaimed / scrap materials.

            And my miter saw bench is a nuclear disaster, please ignore the mess...

            Next steps, apply tapes left, and right, shim the mortiser as I am about 1/32" high on the table and according to the level the mortiser is too low... Once that gets done, I move on to cleaning that bench off 100%, and quite likely removing the dust hood, or at least maybe unscrewing it from the base as it is attached with wooden mending plates, and just slide it up to meet the fences. I want the top higher, and I believe it was capncarl that is using some clear plastic sheeting to enclose his miter station. Look into that design and make my final adjustments. I need to get the dust collection here working better, and there is far too much junk on this bench!

            Click image for larger version

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              And the final touches are on, the tapes. I took another angle view of the side on the left, I trimmed back the actual table part to allow better access to the items stored undernath, in particular the paint mixer...

              Click image for larger version

Name:	MiterSawBenchFromLeft.jpg
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              Click image for larger version

Name:	MiterSawBenchFromRight.jpg
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              And believe it or not, I already started de-cluttering the saw bench... But oh boy is it a disaster...
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