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Cutting Marine Ply Patterns

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  • Cutting Marine Ply Patterns

    Building a stitch and glue kayak from plans which requires cutting a lot of 4 mm marine ply section pieces. I have a great Bosch jig saw which is not quite working as well as I would like, too hard to keep from minor wandering. Thought about a small electric skill saw, Makita, but you cannot see the actual blade where it contacts the wood - you have to trust the little mark at the leading edge, plus I have some mild curves to cut also. Actually, I am cutting 2 identical 4 mm each sections at once, plus a thin piece of Masonite on top, I hope to use as a future form. My actual size paper plans are glued to the Masonite.

    Has anyone ever done really precise cutting with a Japanese thin kerf push saw for a job like this?

    Any suggestions?
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    Rip fence or long clamp-on guide? I use both with my 20v Dewalt circular for perfect cuts.


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      Iíve cut plywood sections for boat building projects using a band saw and following up with the stationary belt sander to finish the edges down to the line. Inside the panel cuts were made with a jig saw with a fine blade and finished with the oscillating drum sander. Most saws wonít cut as smooth as I want for the finished joint so I go the extra step and sand down to my patern line. Sanding doesnít add any more ttime to the job than you have already fretted away looking for the perfect cut.


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        I wonder how Woodboys marine plywood Kayak turned out?


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          Yeah, wonder how? Thanks Carlos, good catch!
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