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What TableSaw should I buy?

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  • What TableSaw should I buy?

    I am looking to buy a cheaper table saw and was reading this review and thinking to buy the Dewalt DW745. What table saws does everyone own and recommend?"
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    I used to own a similar Dewalt, owned a BT3100, and now own a Unisaw. Obviously, the Unisaw is the most awesome of them. But there are things that the others had that were useful. The geared fence on the Dewalt is strong and quite good, once you spend some time getting it perfect. And you do need to spend that time, mine arrived with at least a 1/64th variation. The BT fence was never quite as great, but very good. The BT's sliding feature is just awesome and I kinda miss it.

    In your price range, I would recommend these options:

    Look at local ads for a Unisaw. I bought mine for $500 and put $150 into refurbishing.

    Look for a BT3100 used also, probably $200-300.

    Or just go get that Dewalt.


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      I resawed and jointed these monster 4" legs on the Dewalt, with a high end blade. At that time I couldn't afford better/more tools so I had to make do.

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        I'll agree that dewalt is killing it with their jobsite saws right now, and if that's all your budget allows for, they're great saws. I used to have a BT3100 and now a sawstop PCS. I'll agree that sliding table was very nice, and the fence wasn't the greatest on the BT (but way better than most of the crap fences those types of saws have).


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          A good way to go if you're on a budget is to build a saw bench around a contractor (job site) saw.

          When my wallet feels skinny, I usually go to Direct Tools and buy Ridgid.

          They have two models - I'd likely go for the less expensive one (R4518), since I'm going to take the wheels off, anyway.

          I'd build my bench around the saw, and eventually replace that short fence with a Vega.

          I love DeWalt tools - but you pay for them. If you watch for the big box sales, you can get them for less.

          Thing is, I rarely need something when it's on sale, and when I need it, it's rarely on sale.


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            This is why I stocked up on great DeWalt tools years ago, based on sales. At least that's the excuse I told her.

            Each year now, I scour Christmas sales for deals, and upgrade my tools, selling the old ones on eBay. This year I actually MADE money doing that. Grabbing open box, splitting up special kits, and the like. I ended up with most of my tools refreshed, new batteries, and made money. eBay is full of suckers, I suppose, or people who can't do math.