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  • Ryobi JM82K Biscuit Joiner overview, and comparison to new model JM82GK.

    Okay so a quick overview of the JM82K (older blue model) Ryobi Biscuit joiner, with a description of each of the controls, and how this unit differs from the newer JM82GK. TLDR. The new model differences are all cosmetic. ...
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  • Fox Super Shop Model SS-20 for wood and metal, good condition - for sale

    Fox Super Shop Model SS-20 for wood and metal, good condition. $800.00 or best offer. (Buyer pays shipping and handling)
    Original Machine inclu...
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    Last edited by aimeef; 06-04-2016, 10:19 PM.

  • Bosch CM10GD Sliding Miter Saw

    Bosch CM10GD Sliding Miter Saw

    I have had several good encounters with the CPO Bosch web site and decided to look there first for a new compound miter saw. I noticed that the Bosch #CM10GD was available as reconditioned item at $499. Yes, I know that is a chunk of money but I want quality and not at the green line of tools price. I have purchased a few reconditioned Bosch items in the past and been happy with the results.

    Now that I have an idea what I want I am off the reading everything I can about that particular model. There are many good reviews and nothing negative. The saw has an option for using like a typical c...
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  • Hammer drill Harbor Freight Chicago Electric 68169

    Hammer drill Harbor Freight Chicago Electric 68169

    I had to attach a header to my brick wall and I tried to use my 1/4" masonry bit and a regular cordless drill. After quite a while of drilling I had almost no penetration to show for it. So off to the internet on how to drill concrete and masonry. They suggest a hammer drill and one place sort of suggested an impact driver and yet another must have been confused because they talked about an impact drill. And some Brits talked about a percussion drill. But I checked and the big difference is that the impact driver applies the repeated blows to the rotary direction and the hammer drill applied repeated blows inline with th...
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  • Grizzly Track Saw Observations...

    Grizzly Track Saw Observations...

    I had the opportunity to purchase a grizzly track saw, the accessory kit, and two sections of 55" track "used" for $200. If purchased directly from Grizzly the "master pack" (which includes the accessory pack) would cost about $316 (plus tax).

    Allow me to qualify my comments so you can take them for what it's worth. I have never seen a festool anything in person, let alone had the opportunity to use one. I've not seen the dewalt or Makita versions of the track saw either. Also I am an amatuer hobbyist. My experience is limited. These comments will hardly qualify it as a professional review, nor is it comparitive.

    I had read many reviews and comments about this product, and had decided I was probably going to spring for the $316+ to acquire it. When I found it fo...
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  • HF 12" SCMS Model 69684 dual bevel

    HF 12" SCMS Model 69684 dual bevel

    First I want to express that the saw will be used for home repairs/remodels. I am not a woodworker by trade, so those in the professional business of woodworking may have a completely different opinion of this saw. The saw takes up a large area from front to rear. With the saw in the return position, the total distance from front to rear is 45 inches. There is nothing in the manual regarding the use of the laser guide. It appears that two items on the laser have been improved from the previous 12 sliding compound miter saw. First, the light is very bright and I had no problem seeing it on the wood. The second is it appears the laser operates on th...
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  • Harbor Freight 18V cordless impact wrench

    Harbor Freight 18V cordless impact wrench

    I asked my son about borrowing his Milwaukee impact wrench and he told me it had been stolen but gave him an idea. Almost 2 weeks ago he came over to help me install new floats under my dock with an early Christmas present. He bought me the Harbor Freight impact wrench, a spare battery, and a set of sockets. We then used it to remove 8 floats and install 10 in half a day. I have a 18V Ryobi impact driver but it puts out significantly less torque than the Harbor Freight wrench. Hot Rod magazine did a review and rated...
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  • Rikon slow speed grinder

    Rikon slow speed grinder

    Got this for Christmas. So far I really like it. It is quite heavy and has both a 60 grit and a 120 grit wheel, both of which run very true. This thing is very quiet and, combined with my new "Blackhawk sharpening system" from Captain Eddie, does a very good job of sharpening my lathe chisels. I had been using a 6" Craftsman grinder running at 3500 rpm and the difference is night and day. The Rikon was only $99 at the time, although a local store now lists it at $149.
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  • Chicago Electric 69820 Initial impressions.

    Chicago Electric 69820 Initial impressions.

    I needed a way to knock down floor leveling compound for my concrete patch and staining project, and I figured a disposable belt sander would be workable. I wanted to get a sander that shared belt size with my Ridgid EB4424. Upon unboxing and inspection, I found it to be much heavier than I felt the demo model at the store was. I plugged it in and took a test pass at some exceedingly high leveling / patch compound in my floor... I plugged it in, and pulled the trigger, watching the belt tracking. With zero adjustments, I watched the belt trac...
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  • Shopsmith Mk5

    Shopsmith Mk5

    Review of my used Shopsmith MK5 model 500

    No Kool-Aid

    I owned a shop-full of pretty decent individual tools when I had the opportunity to buy a like-new Shopsmith MK5 for $250. Since I was looking at buying a Midi Lathe in this price range, it seemed like a good option.

    I am pleased with my purchase. I have noticed that some people have "drank the Kool-Aid" and are a bit scary in their enthusiasm for the tool (similar to some Mac/Linux users and Amway sellers I have known). This is not really surprising, because anytime you have sunk that much money and time and pride into anything, you kinda have to convince yourself (and others) how wonderful it is.

    Those that don't fall into this group seem to unfairly dismiss the tool based mostly on it's capability as a Table Saw, its (new) purchase price and the setup required between operations.

    My goal is to document my own experiences, avoiding the emotional baggage.

    I'll start with the summary: I feel that a used Shopsmith in good condition would be a fantastic starting place for someone just fitting out their shop - especially if space is a concern. If the buyer goes into it expecting they will someday want to buy a dedicated table saw, they will likely be very satisfied with their purchase. On the other hand, if you are actually trying...
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  • HF Air impact screwdriver Central Pneumatic #90059

    HF Air impact screwdriver Central Pneumatic #90059

    On a lark I bought this from HF for $14.39 (17.99 less a 20% off coupon), it's currently still $17.99. I have a couple of cordless impact drivers, one 12V from B&D and the other a 19.2V Craftsman C3; keeping batteries is an expensive proposition. The advantages of an impact driver have been discussed before, notably driving high torque screws by impact rotation which is different than constant torque drill drivers for driving screws and fasteners which require you to provide reaction to...
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  • Central Machinery model 32208 4 speed 14" bandsaw initial impressions.

    Central Machinery model 32208 4 speed 14" bandsaw initial impressions.

    The Central Machinery Model 32208 4 speed 14" band saw, and its single speed sibling the 32206 (only difference appears to be the pulley setup), can be an amazing band saw bargain. I purchased mine with a markdown from $329.00 to $299.00, and then used a 15% off any one item in store coupon to get the saw at $255.00 + tax. Aside from a well used saw, even 10" saws are hard to come by in that price... The overall fit and finish of the saw ABOVE the stand appear to be on par with the bottom end Grizzly 14", the Ridgid BS1400, and lower model Delta 14" saws. The main difference that I can see is features (2" instead...
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  • Craftsman 17539 Biscuit Joiner Review

    Craftsman 17539 Biscuit Joiner Review

    This review should also apply to the Ryobi JM82K, since other than color they are basically the same unit. I believe this is also my first review of a tool here on BT3, so please forgive me if I offend. I'm just trying to offer my honest opinion of a tool purchase. I recently noticed that since I am a Craftsman Club member, I could get a discount on this unit. Also, by cashing in a bunch of rewards points and by ordering online, I was able to walk out the door with the unit for less than $48. Normally, the unit retails for $99.99. I got the last one at the store. I decided to try this j...
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  • Craftsman BAS350

    Craftsman BAS350

    Recently, I became the owner of a Craftsman BAS-350 14" band saw. I thought you would be interested in hearing about it, even tho I haven't had a chance to use it much yet. I have owned 2 bandsaws in the past. One was a B&D 10" 3-wheeled job, which I got rid of and bought a Delta 9" model. Turned out it wasn't an upgrade, and I've been watching for a replacement. The wife finally gave me the go-ahead to buy another. Having read good reviews of Sears 10" model here and other web sites, and since it was on sale, I went to check it out. While I was there I also saw the 14" saw and it seemed more substantial.. I am also a hobbyist and enthusiast and not a professional. My first obse...
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  • Harbor Freight 2-in-1 18gauge stapler/nailer contractor series

    Harbor Freight 2-in-1 18gauge stapler/nailer contractor series

    I was wanting to get a staple gun and based on some good feedback from another poster here, I decided to give Harbor Freight a try on this model This is the blue contractor series and not the red and silver. The gun is normally $29 and it was on sale for $15.99 so I thought I'd give it a try. Out of the box, the gun feels good in the hand. The trigger is metal as are all other major parts. The gun is slightly heavy for it's size, but not too heavy. It actually...
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