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  • Casters Sale Peachtree

    Good price on casters. Great for me as I've been looking to get a set of workbench casters and smaller ones to make some sliding cabinets fit under my assembly table.
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    Thanks for the heads up. I just ordered a set of workbench caster at 50% off since I have a broken one on my router table.
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      Very good prices for this type caster. Iím not a fan of small wheel casters, they donít cooperate much, too hard to push, and donít handle joints in concrete well...... but sometimes thatís all you can use to obtain the correct height. I put casters on everything in my shop, even my box of casters has casters on it!


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        I've been buying 3" casters at Lowes for less than $10 each for both locking swivel, and fixed for the tool cabinets I've been building.
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          I did a double take and viewed the peach tree ad again. Iíve had several failures with swivel casters like these. These failures were probably all my fault caused by gross overloading. Swivel casters with the wheels offset this much canít handle being overloaded vrs. swivel casters with the wheel directly below the mounting pad that can handle bring overloaded somewhat better. I had taken my two mechanics tool boxís, each being 3í wide and attached them together and built a steel support frame on 3Ē casters similar to the peach tree castes. On top of each tool box I attached intermediate drawered tool boxes and on top of each of the intermediate boxes I attached top boxes, making the top height over 6í. All tool boxes were full of heavy tools and stuff. One bottom box had probably 400 lbs of welding rods in it! . No guess of the weight of this box on 3Ē casters. The swivel casters collapsed within months, and I replaced them with similar casters with more weight capacity, which lasted a few more months. This tool box was too heavy to move anyway so I gave up, removed the casters and set it on the floor. When my house flooded and the toolbox was standing in 4í of swamp water, I kept 1 stack of this toolbox for my new shop and mounted it on heavy duty 4Ē casters with the swivel being under the mounting plate. The load is much less in the boxes, I donít need all the tools I use to think I needed back then, but I have had a tire failure where the urethane tire split and came off the wheel. All this said, these peach tree casters should serve well if the manufacturer weight load rating is honored.


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            When you choose casters, don't divide the estimated weight of your cart or whatever and divide by four.
            IN the worst case where you hit an uneven floor virtually all the weight could be be on two diagonally opposed castors. Even if on an even floor, your center of gravity may be off loading some castors by more than their share.
            I'd suggest picking castors rated for the full weight of the project on each, ensuring some margin and reliable long term operation.

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