MIA - dealing with a bad back last several days.

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  • MIA - dealing with a bad back last several days.

    Hope to chat (and contribute) soon.

    Take care,

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    Hope you feel better soon. I know what a bad back feels like. Bulging disc l2-l3 for years. It’s not bad enough for surgery yet.


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      Ouch. Take care of it. Don't push it. Just gets worse with age if you abuse it.
      Hope you get to feeling better.
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        Hope you recover soon, I know first hand that it can be quite debilitating and I wish you a quick recovery.

        Think it Through Before You Do!


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          Thank you all, Getting a lot better but still away from the workshop. Have to catch up with the forum activity now.


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            I struggled with a herniated disk for a long time hoping for better. After all the hoops you have to go through before surgery failed, my pre-op meeting with the surgeon didn’t go well either. He said I looked like crap and wouldn’t operate until my regular physician cleared me. My regular physician said I had pneumonia and was out of work on all kind of meds. My back got better and the surgeon says if it’s better let’s not fix it. I suggested he put his back pain patients on pneumonia meds. When any of my friends complain of back problems I suggest that they work long shifts and stay out in the cold rain until they get pneumonia, those meds will cure it! Just a suggestion.


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              Jokes apart I was put on muscle relaxants last week and half which seems to have worked a lot better. That was after the ibuprofens and aleves failed to cure it for weeks. I am off drugs now over a week - Still some lingering uneasiness - no workshop time yet.

              On a side note​ several years ago I had a herniated disc in cervical region. It was mild according to the surgeon although for me it was physically and psychologically it was unbearable. He said no need to operate and time will heal it. He said 1000s of years ago when we were in caves we would cure on our own in time. I told him 1000s years ago I wouldn't have to worry about the pain for too long because a sabre-cat would relieve me of the suffering anyways given the weaker link in the herd.

              You all take care and stay healthy .......


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                Been dealing with degernative disks for the last 20 years. Back pain is no fun. Take care of it before it seriously lays you up...
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