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  • What's wrong with this picture?

    Hopefully the owner of the condo we live in didn't have to pay for this bonus drawer.

    Click image for larger version

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    Apparently, the ceiling is too low.

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      It's a security drawer for stuff you don't want people to see.
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        It looks like that the tall cabinet door below it (if it is a door) had a space above it and they just tried to fill the space. I've seen dead spaces before but not used like that!

        That was a stroke of MAD creative genius - Got some dead space; have an extra drawer; CONFOUND the new owners! That is something that I could have done on purpose!
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          Geez, just turn the drawer upside down. Are you dumb?


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            That was my thinking.

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          You would have thought that they would have just run the cabinet door up higher.


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            That is a conversation starter.


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              The work order on the bottom of the drawer dates it to the same year as when this building was constructed--1996. I'm guessing no one bothered to correct the builder. Below this drawer is a 40" tall pantry with shelves and below that is another 30" tall pantry cabinet with a faux drawer front molded into the door front. I'm guessing these two units should have been swapped. If I owned this place, I would be figuring out some kind of solution, but I don't so I'll stay content in knowing I didn't build this kitchen. Contractors make mistakes the whole world round.

              Something else I didn't realize is that undermount drawer slides existed in 1996.

              Just like in the US, when I hear some kind of woodworking equipment going, my ears perk up. Someone in our building is having some remodeling done and I'm pretty sure I've narrowed it down to the people in the penthouse. Sounds like a router and also sounds like the bit is getting dull and they're getting a bit of chatter. It also smells like they're getting some burning.

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