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  • First HVLP Use

    Just used my new Wagner Flexio 3500 HVLP sprayer to paint bare drywall/concrete walls in the basement. First use and it went flawlessly. I sprayed four year old SW CHB white latex strained and thinned about 5%. No runs, no sags, no clumps, and no clogs. I may never use a roller again. Click image for larger version

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    My son in law has the same model and we used it last summer to paint a dresser. I was surprised at the quality of the job it did for the price of the unit. The finish was comparable to what I would have gotten spraying from my far more expensive Fuji system. We were spraying Sherwin Williams Emerald cabinet paint and only had to thin it about 4-5%
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      Spray painter cleanup is an absolute necessity. That time must be figured in. BUT the results of a quality spray painter is far and away better than I can do with a roller or brush, no comparison.
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      • Jim Frye
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        It took a bit less time to clean the unit as it would have taken to clean a roller, roller cover, tray, and brush. And I didn't have to wait for the roller cover to drain and dry.

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      Click image for larger version  Name:	9F14862D-905A-4BD6-AE69-45A12F5E1686.jpg Views:	0 Size:	163.7 KB ID:	854998 Be sure to wear your PPE

      The next time you have to spray something like a cabinet with paint try Benjamin Moore Advance. It was designed tor spraying like this, self levels and smoothe out like glass. I sprayed it with an airless machine which is known to apply too much paint and have bad overspray and it turned out like a piano finish.
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        Do you have the proper PPE? Haines or Fruit of The Loom?

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        J C Penny Stafford boxer briefs for extended coverage.

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        LoL :-) :-)
        (why can't I add emojis in comments ;-))