Went to sharpen scissors and... WTF?!

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  • dbhost
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    Went to sharpen scissors and... WTF?!

    I have an old set of kitchen shears that I got in 1991 that I recently re-found, and tried opening one of those plastic Amazon packages with, with next to no luck, so fine, I have the new Wen sharpening system, and their set of various jigs indluding the scissors jig...

    Well before I jigged it up I decided to inspect the actual scissors.

    The dang blades are bowed away from each other somehow...

    No clue how this happens, but yep, there is at least 3mm gap toward the middle of the scissors.

    How does that happen?

    Better question, how can I fix this?

    Really not going to put a lot into it, but if I can fix it easly why not?
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  • Bill in Buena Park
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    Hi Dave,
    I've seen some scissors that seem to have a certain amount of "spring" in them, that might cause the kind of gap you're seeing. 3mm does seem more than expected though. Do the edges stay in contact as they are opened? If so, shouldn't be a problem.
    Bill in Buena Park


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      Scissor blades should not be flat along the length of the blade. They work best when they meet in one point only that rolls along towards the tips when you close them. Shears and snips I believe may be of a different design. If they are parallel then you would not be able to use the tips, even a couple sheets of paper would spring them apart.
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