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  • Blue Spruce tools?

    I sometimes complain about Woodpeckers tools being too expensive and more for show even though they are some good tools. About a year ago, I started receiving email from another high end tool company called "Blue Spruce". The high prices on their tools offended me. I just could not figure out the need for such high end tools. I know that they are quality tools in the realm of Festool and Woodpeckers, but wow are they pricey!

    Blue Spruce Tools are quality hand tools for your finest works. We offer woodworking tools like dovetail chisels, bench chisels, marking knives and mallets.

    Do any of you have any "Blue Spruce" tools?

    Hank Lee

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    Lee Valley tools not cheap either, but not as high as woodpecker.

    I have not until today have heard of Brue Spruce Tools.
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      I can't imagine spending over $1k for a chisel set and then having my wife use one of them as a screwdriver or paint scraper. I have plenty of Festools but these guys are too rich for my blood.
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        Yes, their prices are offensive, as are woodpeckers. Although I have purchased some of woodpeckers because I really want it. Since you mentioned woodpeckers, I believe that they are embarrassed by their outlandishly high prices so much so that they include a wooden wall mount for the investment you just made. Now just how many woodworkers have any space on their walls for that kind of decoration? I somehow got on Blue Spruce email list and receive mail daily from them. Their unsubscribe doesn’t seem to work either.