Metabo HPT 12inch double bevel sliding miter saw.

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  • Metabo HPT 12inch double bevel sliding miter saw.

    So it's here, and I swapped it around for the Chicago Electric and found some issues. Not problems per se, but big differences between the CE and Metabo.

    The tables don't line up. The table on the HPT is taller, and much further forward on its mounts than the Chicago electric was without sticking into the walkway any further.
    The motor is up MUCH higher to accomdoate the front slide. and it does not clear the hutch fully. So I need to clearnace the hutch on the left side... Break out the belt sander for rapid material removal and dust creation.
    The saw set up as it is The dust port comparatively speaking is HUGE...

    Prices on these actually came way down. They used to be just shy of $500.00 now at $349.00 I couldn't pass it up...

    It looks like the extension tables are going to need to be completely redesigned as well. WIth the sliding fences due to the double bevel, the sides of the fence really won't work. Basically table with flip OVER stops. So time to redo what I just did...

    Even though front to back depth of the saw is considerably smaller, overall capacities are either matching, or greater than the Chicago Electric. . It is however a good bit taller. Which makes sense as the slide assembly is up high and to the front, necessitating the motor and all being mounted up high...
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    Well, whipped out the jig saw and took care of the clearance issue with the hutch / dust hood. Definately going to have to do a full redesign of this thing.

    The purpose behind the Metabo is more space efficient miter saw, which at least in the ways that count to me it is. MUCH more efficient. However it fails in some spectacular ways, again the alignment issue with the fences / tables. It is no surprise, just an issue that needs to be solved.

    I have said repeatedly how I need to redo the dust hood on this thing, and this is a good way to kick that off...

    First things first though. The library cabinet kind of needs to go. Needs a redesign.

    My thought is to branch 5" from the upright to the ceiling, and direct over to the saw station and drop down to a newly redone dust hood.

    I haven't measured distances yet, but it looks like I can cut down the cabinet itself a few inches in depth, and re set the position of the mortiser / finishes storage cabinet. And probably jettison about 50% of the finishes there as they are old, clogged up (spray paint cans). This means the single long cabinet along the wall won't work, and I will need to design and build new overhead cabinets. I am honestly thinking boxes about the size of the clamshell cabinets, but just basically hanging shelving units.

    As discussed in another thread, I need to figure out storage for the One+ cordless stuff. I have hemmed, hawed and resisted cordless and relegated it to just driving occasional screws until now. Mostly impressed with the system. Impressed enough to put money into it at least. I still vastly prefer corded power tools, but I am running into situations where corded, or in the case of the impact wrench, pnuematic doesn't fit the situation. I.E. roadside repairs and I am not wanting to whip out a regular tire iron... Small chainsaw for at least small downed trees, or de limbing downed trees enough to get a hold of it with my winch to get it off the roadway / trail. Hey if I don't HAVE to carry 2 stroke oil and extra gas, I am happy!

    Anyway, so obvious shop redo in progress, just fixing what wasn't working well for me.
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      I haven't checked yet but boy that dust port sure does look like a 2.5" advanced for a shop vac.

      So fit and finish of this mitersaw really does seem on par with my old Hitachi KM12VC routers. Everything about it is butter smooth and well finished. I have heard several reviews that ding it because it's an old design and doesn't have the nearest fanciest doo dads. But one thing that cannot be said about this saw is that it is not very well made. I'm waiting for the new blade to come in to be installed so I can do the setup and make sure everything is spot on accurate but if it's anything like my other experiences with hit should be absolutely perfect.
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        So I did a writeup elsewhere, but long story short. Unless internally this thing ends up being a dud. I believe this might just end up being my last miter saw. I need to tweak the dust hood but aside from that, I am golden here...
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          While not the same saw as your 12” Metabo, which is now the name of the former Hitachi line of tools, my 10” Hitachi compound slider is close to 20 years old, I can’t find records when it was purchased. With little maintenance and not too rough use this saw could last longer than its owner! The comment about the fences seems to be typical for this brand. The owner manual has interesting reading for adjusting the fences. Long ago I gave up on the little bitty tiny factory fences and crafted my own fences out of 1/2” white Formica coated phenolic that I could adjust to my own likening. I have considered replacing it with a Festool Kapex for its greater accuracy.

          Click image for larger version

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            Dave, what is the cut width (1-by material thickness) of that 12" Metabo slider?
            Does it really weigh 78 pounds?

            I have the 12" Dual Bevel Metabo, non sliding. I got it because it takes less front to back space and because I though the crosscut capacity was enough (Full 4x4 and I think 1x8 and 1x6 at 45 degrees) and did not want the additional mechanical play of the sliding mechanism, while I am sure it is small, it is something.
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            • Stan
              Stan commented
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              I am definitely not talking down sliding miter saws. I was only trying to justify my reason for not going that route.
              If I were cutting a lot of 2x12's, 4x4's, etc. - then my decision probably would have been different.
              But a majority of my miter saw use is just squaring up ends while milling stock for cabinetry work, or miters for picture frames or trim around the house.

            • dbhost

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              No offense taken. In my use, pretty much all of my narrower crosscuts, basically if it fits on the SCMS, it goes through the SCMS. In no small part a symptom of laziness. It is far easier to set up the SCMS than to set up the table saw...

            • LCHIEN
              LCHIEN commented
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              My Metabo HPT C12FDH allows crosscuts of 1x8 at 0 and 1x6 at 45 and can also do 4x4 and 5x6 at 0 and 45.
              I've never had to do larger than that, but wider 1x and 2x material I can cut on the table saw.
              I didn't get a slider because the extra width capacity did not appeal to me and I was worried about play in the slides and about the added physical depth on the bench the saw needs.
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            I should have mentioned this before. I re-worked the tables / T track / stops. I have not yet redone the measuring tapes although I have them. The fences are no longer there, so the flip stops just stop the workpiece on the table intead of the fence. I did this because of the sliding fences of the Metabo saw...

            I have been cleaning in the shop at a pitifully slow pace, but it is getting there. I have a full tote of 2x2, 2x3, and 2x4 cutoffs that are just going to get tossed into my camper for campfire fodder... I got the specialty sized stuff I needed from Woodcraft to set up dust collection but I need bits and bobs from Home Depot...
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              The additional elbows and duct came in today for extending the 5" all the way to the dust hood for the miter saw. Still need to massively re-engineer same said dust hood, but we are getting there...
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