Sawstop Comapact Table Saw Announced

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  • Sawstop Comapact Table Saw Announced

    Sawstop just "officially" announced a portable compact model that weighs just 65 pounds and at $899.

    Details can be found here. Sawstop Compact Table Saw

    Click image for larger version

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    I think this is a very good alternative for woodworkers looking to upgrade their BT saws but not wanting a full size saw. A little pricey but not much more than similar size saws without a blade brake. When I bought my SawStop earlier this yr. I looked on it like I did with the dust collector….. for my own health and safety I couldn’t afford no to buy it!


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      While I want a SawStop, this is not what I would be looking for...

      I am going to keep chucking my spare change in a bucket until I can afford the 1.75 HP Cabinet saw. Yeah I know more HP better yadda yadda. I have had nothing but 1.5HP table saws since I started. I just don't see the need for bigger per se. My BT hasn't lacked for anything I want aside from the blade brake honestly. And if there was a good way to retrofit the blade brake and keep the BT going, I probably would, by this point it is like a well worn in pair of jeans...

      I know at one point, a good long time ago, there was talk about some sort of retrofit kit from them, but I think it was just talk to bolster their lawsuit stuff...

      I think I have mentioned it before, honestly if Ryobi would come out with say a BT3200 integrating a CI top, standard router wing (centered instead of offset) and sawstop or similar blade brake tech for a fair price, I would be all over it...
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        For newbies dropping in looking for advice on what saw to buy on a budget, this fills in the high end slot. Like the wise man said, buy your last saw first. If they are space restricted then this SS may be it.


        • dbhost

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          You betcha. They also have a Jobsite saw that is pretty nice too. Just not my cup o tea as it were... I also wouldn't want a Lambo at my age either. I'm too fat and creaky for one of those things anyway. However give me a nice new Bronco and I could have fun with that! Everyones tastes and needs varies. And like I mentioned, my dream saw is going to stay that way, a dream, unless for some reason someone like Elon Musk buys up Ryobi and SawStop and decides to make the saw of my dreams...

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        I would love for this to be compared/contrasted to their jobsite model. The jobsite model reminds me of the last BT iteration I am aware of the Craftsman one on a mobile base. As life has kept me from so many things I enjoy for at least the last 5 years, I am working on my new shop(s) and while the BT was a good saw, I can afford less chance of injury, now that I am running a business and unfortunately, have to have "fun time", potentially tired.
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        • capncarl
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          I have not seen the compact demonstrated yet. I did get a demonstration to compare the Jobsite to the Contractor models before I bought mine. The Jobsite has a much louder motor than the Contractor saw, it was much like the BT saws noise. That being basically a hand held saw motor. I don’t expect the compact to be any quieter. I do not see any options on SS build your saw site for the compact, so it must be as it comes out of the box. I suppose it uses the standard blade brake cartridges.