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Father's day: Tool gift ideas

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  • Father's day: Tool gift ideas

    Need something newly invented for the man who has everything and loves tools. Thanks for any pointers.

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    My go-to, for unique but solidly built tools of value, is

    They have a wide variety of stuff.
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      Everyone that I tell about my battery powered screwdriver just pho-pho’s it off until they actually use one. Mine is just a cheap B&D, I think $12-14. It runs forever and has enough power it will almost twist your wrist. I like it for mechanical and woodwork disassembly and lighter work than the impact driver.


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        Thank you for your advices


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          Not sure what your husband has or doesn't have, or the price range either. Does he have a set type of cordless (lithium battery) tools - such as either DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, Ryobi, Bosch, other? Usually people start with a brand and stay in the brand except for a specialty tool on occasion. By staying with a single brand and battery, one can have 3 or 4 or more batteries to share across 6 to 10 tools or more.

          For instance, I have (7) 4ampHour Ryobi Batteries. I have
          1) Drill Driver (Drilling),
          1) Impact Driver (Screws) (and there is a HUGE difference between a drill and impact driver in how well they work),
          1) 7 1/4 inch saw,
          2) high output lights,
          1) 16 gage cordless nailer
          1) 18 gauge cordless stapler
          1) jig saw
          1) Recip Saw
          1) Grinder
          1) Corner Sander

          11 tools, 7 batteries, 3 chargers

          One does not have to buy a battery or two with every tool, or a charger with every one. There are still 3 or 4 tools that I might add in the future without having to buy any more batteries. The batteries are often more expensive than the tools. So there is a savings by staying within an "ecosystem" and just adding on a tool without having to buy more batteries.

          The 4 most used tools and helpful tools for me are these: Impact Driver, Drill Driver, 16 gage cordless nailer, 18 gage Cordless stapler. These last two are much more expensive but they are very good at what they do. For some people though they could use lesser powered nailers and some people prefer more powerful nailers. That is a personal choice. I have had my nailers for 3+ years and they are far more powerful and tough than the original reviews thought. Today, the same nailers are getting some great reviews after people have tried and used them. My next most used tools: I also love my Ryobi 18V lights, very BRIGHT. They go with me in my car and I take them in the house. They are helpful for looking under beds, sofas, in dark areas of the closet, in the attic, out on the road and they have a long range too.

          Ryobi does well enough for me, but some people need and use a heavier duty line of tools. Ryobi is a good middle of the road line that does well for home use; Milwaukee, DeWalt, Bosch and Makita are the toughest for heavy duty use and the cost reflects it. Ridgid (Home Depot) and Ryobi are tough but a step down. Lowes has their own brand and they also sell Craftsman tools (Sears).

          If you have any questions on any of these, please ask.
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          Hank Lee

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            If you need a little something more, this little tool was a gift from my wife. I never would have bought it. But I love it. It beats a hammer and nail set 90% of the time. (Beats as in better results)
            Spring Tools 32R02-1 Nail Set and Counter Punch (online at various suppliers) Under $11

            I also love these if your recipient builds boxes or cabinets out of plywood or 3/4" thick material. Great for squaring things up and holding panels in place so you can concentrate on the other things you are trying to do. Faster and easier than other corner clamps:
            Clamp-it clips, 3/4" GRP40609 (Rockler) Under $10


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              Candy - depends

              Is he traditional ----- doing everything by hand? Lee Valley and LIe Nielsen would be the way to go.
              These two companies sell heirloom quality tools. Look up Veritas - Veritas Hand Cut Dovetail Kit

              Garrett wade
              is another decent source. Check out the Odd Jobs Tool.

              ON the other hand ---- is he technical ------ loves gadgets?

              I recommend Woodpeckers.
              The Woodpeckers company specializes in limited edition tools. The typical wait is 3-4 months ---
              but you get something really cool.

              Woodpeckers is currently offering the Saw gauge 2.0 ---- it's a really cool and handy tool.
              Another great tool is the PAOLINI POCKET Rule.

              Finally ------ if you like spending money ------- anything that says Festool. Hold your breath if you haven't seen their prices.

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                Lee Valley: Sliding squares
                A. Veritas® Sliding Square, Imperial

                Loring in Katy, TX USA
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