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  • Interesting application for tool storage

    I had an appointment with a podiatrist and while waiting in the examination room I noticed this Craftsman rolling tool cabinet. It probably cost 1/10 the amount of buying a similar item from a medical equipment company.

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    Probably could have saved another 50% or more buying Harbor Freight tool chests by "General" but then a doctors office equipped by Harbor Freight doesn't quite have that legitimacy.
    As with any doctor there is a 50-50 chance he graduated in the bottom half of his class at medical school.

    Actually come to think of it the last time I went for the cardiac stress test, they had a crash cart that was a Craftsman roll-around tool chest for that purpose.
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      I have the earlier version of the Harbor Freight 8-drawer roller cabinet ( I don't use it as a 'crash cart' but it certainly lessens those hyper heart beat moments when I might otherwise be looking for a particular tool.

      As I recall, I think I paid less than $300 when I made the purchase though (about two years ago).

      Since I sold the house in Painted Post, I no longer have to have my manual tools stuffed in four or five bags; I'm now in the process of de-bagging those and locating them in drawers in the shop.

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        I’m impressed that a Dr. office will use a mechanical tool box. It showed me some financial responsibility because lab furniture is off the chart expensive.
        You could do a lot worse than a Harbor Freight US General tool box. I haven seen any Craftsman tool box that has a drawer and slide that comes close to the US General tool box drawers


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          Last night in a restaurant I noticed two Blue Point branded bus wagon, one black & the other red. Probably a better deal than the restaurant supply house.