Advice needed. Storage Shed.

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  • Advice needed. Storage Shed.

    So considering how pitifully small my alleged 2 car garage is, and the limits on outbuilding size imposed by HOA, which can work around as they allow MUCH larger structures and I can prove it with years of Google Earth and Google StreetView data, but I am not sure I want to eliminate function of my back yard I am considering just sticking within the HOA guidelines and doing the following.

    #1. Removing the Crepe Myrtle from the middle of my back yard that is EXACTLY in the middle of where a shed could and should go, and honestly it doesn't offer shade like the one in the front yard does, it just gets in the way.
    #2. level up and compact the soil, lay down a bed of sand and gravel for a skid foundation.

    I can find folks to do that part at a reasonable rate. The big choke point is going to be the Crepe Myrtle and getting it out.

    I would like a simple 10x12 shed, to keep the HOA happy roof height has to stay under 9'. I figure walk in door. I don't do my own lawn any more, my wife made me give that up years ago, not sure I should even keep the mower, edger, weed eater etc.. or sell. But fuel tanks are empty so no worries about varnish for now... So the concept is hangers for weed eater, edger, shovels, rakes etc... then shelving units all the way around. I have a deck box already / separate that I store my fuel in so no worries there, back to the shelving units. Store camping gear not housed in the camper. I.E. extra tents, air beds, extra camp stoves etc... Yes I have a collection. Anyway hopefully you are getting the idea, so wrap around 3 walls, so the door wall is hanging storage and door, and 3 walls shelving units.

    I will need in order to keep HOA happy to have the thing sided in T1-11 siding, no worries, lots of that around, but here is the question.

    Are there portable building companies that can put up a good quality shed, for what I would put into materials plus a reasonable fee? I am seeing outfits like Tuff Shed and they are pretty steep. Just wondering if I should try a different company, order a flat pack shed where I just have to lay down the skid floor on the levelled surface, anchor it, attach the walls, trusses, roofing, siding doors trim etc... or build from sticks which unfortunately lately has been stupid expensive and abysmally LOW quality with their construction grade pretzels...

    My local lumber suppliers that folks would be familiar with are Home Depot, Lowes, and Sutherlands. Of the 3 Sutherlands is the most expensive, but has the highest quality / most twist and warp free material, and does offer if I recall correcctly flat pack kits for not a horrid amount of money.
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    Here by me, the Home Depot has a whole row of sheds they can customize and build for you at a great price and size range.
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    I measured 12 x 9 on this one.
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      I was kind of fishing for third party sheds, Home Depot / Tuff Shed have a pretty steep markup. If it comes to it, yes, Tuff Shed, but I wanted to see options. I know there is Alpine Portable Buildings in Pasadena TX, but was wondering about like the kit jobs... Not sure if I am making any sense...

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      I know there's some shed makers out there that you can buy direct from instead of HD, probably for less. I've seen them around but can't name one offhand; I know HD is universal! Tuff-shed is one such place. FWIW:

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    There are several shed/playhouse builders/sellers in our area, including an Amish location. I don't know how the prices compare to big Orange or big Gray, but they all deliver the finished product to your site. We don't have any in our Sub as the HOA prohibits stand alone structures on a lot. A couple of home owners have gotten around the restriction by building an add on to the side of the garage and finishing the outside to match the rest of the home. Even if the "shed" isn't accessible from inside the garage, it provides the space and easier electrical connection.
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      In 2016 I had a local dealer for an Amish-built shed ( In my case, I had looked to local contractors to expand my garage, but they were asking upward of $30K, which was totally ridiculous in my book. Then I looked at HD and Lowes, but honestly they looked pretty cheaply made, poorly nailed, 20-inch O/C wall and terrible siding. Them my wife said to check out one of the local shed dealers, a few of which fabricated locally. I ended up going to this 'Amish-built' dealer and I liked the build quality and selection. I ended up buying a 12 x 20 with a Gambrel (Dutch barn-like roof). I liked the fellow who managed the dealership and placed my order. The package included a fabricated double door on one end as well as a 36-inch entry door on the side, two windows, and a 4-ft deep loft at each end. Total cost, delivered, installed, w/ sales tax was $5392.44.

      The factory was down in the Lancaster, PA area and the delivery driver was new. He got off at the wrong exit and two miles from the dealer he ran my new shed into a low bridge. So, I had to place another order.

      I realize the shed is significantly smaller and with the gambrel roof too tall for your HOA. I had to go before the local city council to get approval. However, this might give you some idea of the cost, taking into account the inflation in these past few years. My son now lives in the New Orlean's area and purchased a smaller shed this past summer after the latest hurricane wiped out his old metal shed. It's slightly larger than half of my shed's size and I recall he paid just over $4K for it, IIRC. I would hope the New Orlean's area is more expensive than Texas, but of course I don't know.

      Love the shed though, and I've expanded the lofts 16-inches so that I can put 8-ft lumber up there without it falling; also, I doubled the loft joists and have just recently prepped the ceiling and walls for insulation and drywall planned for the spring. I also ran electricity (three circuits) to handle my tools, lights, etc.)

      I hope this helps to some degree,

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        Crepe Myrtle is an aggravating bush to remove. They will come back from roots and pick your shed up and turn it upside down. Not really but you can cut it off below ground and paint the cut off with a tree and brush killer and it will be forever gone. No big hole required.