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    I used to have a BT3100 but gave it to a colleague when my wife and I were planning to move.

    Now 2 years later I am looking to buy it again. I am not a heavy user and I am looking for an inexpensive saw that will allow me to get back into some projects. The first one is to install laminate flooring in our new home.

    I tried ebay and Craigslist without success. Any ideas where I can find one?

    By the way I live in Phoenix, AZ.

    Thank you.

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    you probably need to be more patient, like watch for a few weeks. They were exclusive to Home Depot for many years and Home Depots are everywhere. They sold a really large number of them... because they were inexpensive and pretty good at the price point. I think be patient and look at every CL listing that says table saw, lots of CListers don't know enough to indicate the name of the saw, you have to identify it on sight in the ad or even call to inquire about the writing on the front for example. These will get you the best price though. You might also have to pass on a few that have problems, too many missing pieces etc.

    You might want to read my faq, it has some advice on buying a used BT3.
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      Thing about Craigslist is that what you want will be there, just not when you want it... The trick is to check it daily and just wait. When it hits, you gotta move fast (keep the cash in your pocket and the truck warmed up... ).

      But it's still the best place to find things like this, generally. They also have a "Wanted" section, but not many folks read it often. If you have other large cities reasonably close, keep an eye on their CL ads, as well. Here in central FL, there is usually a used BT3000 or BT3100 on Craigslist every couple of weeks. Ryobi must have sold a gozillion of 'em...


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        We have a member near Me that has on for sale. Shipping is something else. Bill


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          Thank you guys. I bought the new laminate flooring last night at Costco. Installing it is my justification to buy the saw. :O) My wife will not be happy if I don't install it within the next few days. Wait! I could tell her that the planks need to acclimate to our house for a few weeks before installing them... :O)

          Good point about some people not listing the model number in Craigslist. I will search for table saw and see if I can identify it through the pictures.

          And DUD, thank you for the tip. However I think shipping would eat a lot of my savings in buying a used, unexpensive saw.

          LCHIEN - where do I find your FAQ?


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            You can search CL and eBay daily with every search term you can think of which will take a lot of time OR you can set up a Google Alerts that will alert you if any of the search terms are found and it finds a lot a of CL and eBay posts/listings.

            I get them daily and there are Ryobi BT3x saws for sale all over the country at any given time, some at great prices and some they are really proud of.

            I thought about posting some of the better deals here being there are so many of them at times, just not sure where to post them but there are some really great deals out there from time to time. People just want to make room in their garage for their new car or whatever and that old table saw that hasn't been used in years is taking up too much space.

            You can set up the Google alerts here, http://www.google.com/alerts
            It will save a lot of time searching CL and eBay and all other websites you haven't heard of and post the great deals here for those in the market for a deal on the bets saw ever made for the home hobbyist.




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              BTW, I was alerted by Google Alerts of this post, it works well.




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                KomaToast - what a wonderful tool. I have just setup a Google alert for a 12'' sliding miter saw... Let's see how it works... Thank you!

                By the way, I found the BT3100 on Craigslist and bought it today... :O))))
                LCHIEN - you were right about people not listing the model number.

                I paid $100 for a complete saw in good working condition. I will use it to install laminate flooring this weekend.

                The funny thing is that my wife had just told me that I could buy a new saw at the store (she wants the laminate flooring installed really bad... :O). I didn't want to spend the money if I didn't have to so I continued to search Craigslist throughout the day and I found it.

                Now I am debating if I should tell her that we also need a 12'' sliding miter saw to install the flooring or not... :O)

                Anyway, thank you all for the advice and tips.

                Have a great evening!


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                  I received a Google alert tonight for a BT3100 near the Denver area for $100.00, "like new and has most if not all the accessories".

                  I'd jump on that if it were anywhere near me.