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  • How to identify a Ryobi BT3000/BT3100/Craftsman 22811 or 21829 clone saw by sight

    So you want to buy a BT3 clone. Been out of production for a while. Shopping on Craigs list or for sale ads is hard

    You have to keep an eye out and you have to be used to spotting the appearance giveaway features of the various models... Ryobi BT3000, BT3100, Craftsman 22811 and 21829
    There are certain things that clue you in and there are many ads that don't give model numbers and have crappy photos. Search for keywords RYOBI, Precision, System are often used i ad listings and
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  • T.Buddy
    started a topic Rip Fence Assembly for Ryobi BT3100

    Rip Fence Assembly for Ryobi BT3100

    Hello ! I need a rip fence for a BT3100. Can anybody help ?
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  • scooter09
    started a topic Seeking BT3100 Rip Fence Front Block

    Seeking BT3100 Rip Fence Front Block

    Hi everyone,
    I'm looking for replacement front block for BT3100 rip fence. Anyone sitting on a replacement that they are willing to part with? I...
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  • Replacement miter fence assembly?

    Do to moving around a lot I sold or gave away all my wood working equipment quite a few years ago. Now settled, I made an impulse purchase at a yard sale....
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  • The BT3 FAQ Frequently asked Questions

    This is the Ryobi BT3x BT3000 BT3100 Sears 22811 or 21829 Table Saw Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Thread . Its in PDF format and requires a fairly...
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  • dw833
    started a topic BT3100 SMT won't slide

    BT3100 SMT won't slide

    I started working with a BT3100 with a SMT. I can't the SMT to slide. The miter slide lock is not engaged, so it's not that.
    Must be something...
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  • Does anyone use their BT3100 as a job site saw?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, and I'm looking at a used BT3100 tomorrow. I'm mostly interested in this because I'm tired of using cheap contractor saws...
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  • BT3000 Safer Power Switch Modification

    BT3000 Safer Power Switch Modification

    BT3000 Safer Power Switch Modification by Jim Frye This add on to the BT3000 came about from a question on the tool forum concerning problems turning the saw off in an emergency situation. I have “missed” the switch cover many times because I was concentrating on the spinning saw blade, the work piece, the cut off, and my left hand. The stock BT3K switch cover is only 2.25 square inches in area and positioned where it is, can be a difficult target to hit the first time. There is a large switch on the market that measures something like 12” square, but my tool budget is a bit pinched. I came up with what amounts to an extension for the stock switch cover. I used a 6” wide by 10” long piece of thin rigid plastic. This produces a larger target of 60 square inches. This could be 1/8” plexiglas or thinner also. It doesn’t have to be very strong, just stiff enough to cause the switch to turn off when struck. It also can’t be very heavy or it will turn the saw off by it’s own weight. This cover extension is mounted on the existing cover with double sided carpet tape. This tape has fabric in it and is very strong. The extension could also be mounted with small screws and nuts if they were positioned to clear the switch mounting screws under the cover. The extension is mounted with 1” of it above the existing switch cover and centered on the cover. The bottom of the extension is then flush with bottom of the upper horizontal stand rail. This arrangement allows the entire cover to be raised to turn the saw on, or to remove the screws that hold the switch in the cabinet. It’s easy enough to slip your hand under the cover and turn the saw on without completely raising the cover. The larger surface area of this cover makes it easy to blindly reach down and shut off the saw with out looking. ...
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  • BT3 and other Ryobi Manuals available on-line

    The owner of the BT3000.com site has made a number of manuals available on-line.

    BT3000 and BT3100 user and repair manuals here:
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  • goohs
    started a topic rails, sliding miter and blade guard

    rails, sliding miter and blade guard

    all like new rails, sliding miter and blade guard,, would like $119 plus shipping for the works.

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  • Parting Out - Bits and Pieces of BT3000 & BT3100

    Parting out the following:

    Stock black rails (from BT3100, including rail mounting levers/tnuts) - SOLD
    Auxiliary table (from BT3000)...
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  • j1dias
    started a topic Wtb bt3100

    Wtb bt3100


    I used to have a BT3100 but gave it to a colleague when my wife and I were planning to move.

    Now 2 years later I am...
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  • JonG
    Guest started a topic Handwheel again - options anyone?

    Handwheel again - options anyone?

    Like a lot of people, I cracked the base of the handwheel on my BT3100, rendering it useless. I know I can get a plastic replacement, but would much rather...
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  • affyx
    started a topic back in the BT3K fam...

    back in the BT3K fam...

    My first table saw was a BT3000 purchased new at HD and it provided a dozen years of faithful service. Alas the plastic tabs holding the sliding table...
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  • Fastnhappy
    started a topic FREE BT3100 parts (blown motor)

    FREE BT3100 parts (blown motor)

    I'm giving away anything anyone wants (other than the blown motor). If you'll just pay for shipping (or pick it up locally), it's yours. It just seems...
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