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    Not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but looked around and didn't really see any better place.

    I was gifted a used Tradesman 6 1/8" jointer (J1550W) from my dad. It has a chip out of the blades so it leaves a line on the wood. Is there a place to purchase replacement knives? I had seen another post where the answer to the OP was to just find some that looked the same. Can I just get some blades that are the same size and shape and be OK? Suggestions for sources?

    Thanks so much!

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    Measure them carefully and you may find some to fit, infinity has a line of replacement jointer blades.

    FOr the time being, you can often shift blades a bit to the sides. Presumably the blades have hit something hard to put a nick in them, try shifting one bade slightly to one side or the other (won't take very far) and then realigning the height and you may eliminate that line.
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      Are these blades reversible? ( 2 sided )


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        Grizzly Industrial carries a good variety of jointer knives which may be helpful

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          Usually all 6" knives are the same or inter-changeable. If what Lchien suggest don't work then U will have to sharpen or change the knives. When changing do not completely remove the hold down bar, just loosen the bolts/screws and lift the blades out slowly ( there might be springs under the knife ) and insert the new knife. Do one at a time usually will have 3 knives. Follow your instruction manual for setting and jointing the knives correctly before using.


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            Thanks everybody, lots of good information.