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    The console on the engine cover in my '92 RV was in bad shape. It was made of MDF with Oak laminate and there were places where the laminate was gone and the edges/corners were damaged. Plus I didn't like the way it was positioned. It was off center toward the driver side making it hard for the wife to reach, and my cup holder was too far forward. I had to lean forward to reach my drink and had to look down to put t back.
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    I went through 4 different cardboard templates before we decided on a final design. I kept the trays and added a small waste basket along with pencil cups as well as a space for tissues. The waste basket turned out to be perfect to line with the small bags at Lowe's. When I run low I ask the check out clerk if I can snag a few!

    Construction is all Red Oak except the plywood used for the bottom of the trays, stained with Ipswitch Pine and sprayed with precat lacquer.

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    To protect the console from damage when the engine cover is pulled I wanted to be able to remove it. I used a piece of aluminum angle in front that fits into a groove. The rear blocks have rare earth magnets in them that match up to heavy washers in the bottom of the console. the front and rear mount blocks are made of Poplar. I am going to go cut the front one down as low as possible and remake the rear mounts to match that height. The new rear mounts will be oak and shaped to match the console. Lowering it will also let the brass pencil cups stick out the top a little more.

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    Don, aka Pappy,

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    Well thought out, designed and completed. Looks great!
    Hank Lee

    Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!


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      Holy smoke Batman!

      Okay funky 1980s memory flashback time.

      A friend of mine had a 1970s Shaggin Wagon Dodge van in High School. You know the kind, Cragar SS mags, porthole window, bed in the back, an airbrushed stoned Kermit the Frog painted on the side. I mean a seriously classy ride....

      In wood shop we built and in auto shop we installed one of those consoles wih a couple of special compartments for materials he wanted to conceal, and an overhead console that was at the top of the windshield area, it housed the CB radio, tissues, and... a special compartment for well specifically the Trojan brand, uh, personal protective equipment that came in a roll at the time. well they were boxes but 2 dozen were attached end to end, wrappers that is..

      His mom just about sh*t a brick when she saw the PPE dispenser...

      She never did find the concealment compartment. However due to heat off of the engine doghouse, it always made a funny smell in the van...
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        That's hilarious

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      Pappy That thing is awesome. One concern though. You might want to relieve the edges on the waste basket. Just in case of an accident ou don't want pointy corner of a wooden trash can and human to collide...
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        Cool and utilitarian at the same time.
        Loring in Katy, TX USA
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          Nice fix for something you needed. My Uncle had a touring van (with the convertible bed in back) that had a console like that.

          The comb in the cupholder reminds me of something my Dad made for his work cars. He was a salesman so his car was his office going from Dr to Dr. He made a custom center console for each of his company cars until he got a minivan which had a more generous console for his pens, notepads, change for tolls, and always a spot for his comb. Nowadays I think he has a comb tucked up in the sun visor.


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            Oh man, talking about the old conversation vans brought back a lot of memories, some really good and one really bad. DB commented that the corners of the west basket holder should be rounded. I 150% agree, and the edges of the waste basket should be rounded and smooth! I say this because I lost a really good friend of mine because of a conversation van waste basket. They were on a road trip in a pop top conversion van with carpet on the walls, fold down bed and swivel seats. No doubt they were trying to remain hydrated by large volumes of beer and probably sharing a few left handed cigarette or 2. The survivor said my friend had to use the rest room, which the van didn’t have, they were going over lake Pontchartrain on I-10 with the next rest stop a long way off and refused to stop on the side of the busy interstate. Not being able to find a suitable container my friend wanted to use the waste basket but van owner refused him because that’s where he had his pot hid, and said just hang it out the back door. My friend did just that, he opened one door and stood up and hung it out. I bet that impressed the cars following the van! Until the second door latch failed and my friend fell out the back of the van going 70mph. Now the car following him with his windshield wipers on had something else on his windshield. He was hit and killed by several cars, and the van driver panicked and lost control of the van and ran off the road totaling the van and nearly killing himself! If he had only let my friend use the waste basket he old probably still be with us today!

            the second old memory…. If I don’t write it down quickly I will forget it. At another friend of mine’s wedding, his best man had purchased a large grocery bag full of those Trojan things referred to as ppe, and arranged for the brides maids and ushers to distribute hands full of ppe to all the friends and family with instructions to hand them to the bride and groom in the reception line. Even the brides parents, grooms parents and the pastor got in on the joke! The newlyweds had ppe packed in every pocket, socks and even in the brides bra! This made for some nice photos!

            So pappy, I suggest using cheap, disposable and easily obtainable from Dollar General waste baskets with smooth corners!


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              I don't think that's something you will ever forget!