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Finally finished!

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  • Finally finished!

    I started this little project in July of 2016, and finished it November of 2020. In that time I retired, moved, set up a new shop barely bigger than the canoe, and had a hip replaced. Now I have a buddy who wants one. I hope that one will only take a few months…

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    Having spent an entire summer in a canoe working as a guide in the BWCA and many weeks canoeing there for fun, I can say that you have crafted one of the most beautiful canoes I've ever seen.

    How much does it weigh? The old Grumman's tipped the scale at over 100 lbs and were a bear to portage.
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    • gsmittle
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      Thank you for the complement!

      It's a 20' canoe that's supposed to weigh about 90 lbs. This one weighs just north of 100 lbs. I'm pretty sure I can shave 20 lbs. off another one, now that I know what I'm doing.

      Using the yoke, it's surprisingly balanced. I wouldn't want to tote it any long distance, however.

      It's built entirely of recycled cedar and white oak.

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    That is a thing of beauty!
    Don, aka Pappy,

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      Wow! Magnificent workmanship!

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        Beautiful and functional! Well done!
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          Cool, cool, cool. That's awesome. Nice job!


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            Absolutely beautiful work! I hope you get to enjoy it forma long time. Many years ago, a neighbor had an Old Town that he kept until he could no longer carry it across the street to use in the river. When he passed, his wife put it out at the curb with a free sign on it. Hopefully, it found a good home.
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              Great work. Beautifully done.
              Hank Lee

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                Really nice. Some fine craftsmanship there.
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                  Beautiful work.
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