BT3100: To Sell or Keep?

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  • BT3100: To Sell or Keep?

    About 2 years ago I bought a brand new BT3100 from a guy who had just assembled it, but had purchased it 3 or 4 years prior. The guy wanted a saw with more power so he listed it on Marketplace for $60 and I bought it. Since I purchased it I upgraded to the aluminum pivot hold down for the sliding miter table. Also picked up a few accessories off eBay such as a zero clearance throat plate, a dado throat plate, and the dual miter track table. So total investment about 200.00 - $225.00.

    I had planned to use the fence system on my Shopsmith, along with mounting the sliding miter table, but now I have shifted to looking for a used 3 HP cabinet saw. My brother is interested in buying the Shopsmith I planned on retro-fitting the BT fence to. BTW, I have 2 Shopsmiths, and my second one has the 520 fence on it.

    My question is if I am selling it, is parting out on e-bay going to net me more money than selling it whole. The way I see it, there are parts such as the miter table, fence, and miter fence hold down that are in demand, but I see little value in the frame and panels. I cannot believe the asking price on the fence. One seller has one for over $150. Supply and demand I guess. I would like to get back my investment in the saw if possible.

    Thanks for any feed back,

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    Part-it out should bring in more than $225 (I was lucky to find 2 aluminum shims for $30 to bring mine back to life, & $25 for dado stack). I would imagine the motor, fence, riving knife/prawns/shield, miter slides, lift & saw housing will be in-demand as you want or advertise.


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      It's a hassle to disassemble, list and ship the parts but you will come out well ahead of selling it whole.
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        That sounds right. more trouble for more money.
        Isn't it always like that?