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What alternate mitre material clamps work?

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  • What alternate mitre material clamps work?

    I just purchased a BT3000 in pretty decent shape. What drew me was the sliding miter table, dust collection, and the better rip fence than my 40 yr old Craftsman saw.

    I read the glorious FAQ in this forum, disassembled, cleaned and lubricated the shims, lubricated the screws, and find the miter and rip fences work very smoothly.

    I can seem to find any of the Ryibi miter material clamps on the used market. Are there alternatives that attach to the miter fence? I haven't seen anything that looks close...

    If not, will these clamps pictured and in the Amazon links grab the slot in the miter table?


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    Glorious FAQ...*** Blush *** well, thanks, I'll take that as a compliment.

    I just did a quick cruise around the net and yes, by golly, those things (and all BT3000 parts) seem to be getting really scarce and commanding big bucks, at least for the asking prices..

    The thing I'll tell you is that the top slot in the miter fence is pretty wide so a normal T-nut/T-bolt is not going to work.

    I don't mean to sound negative but the clamps you show also have the need for the read end of the bar to push against something solid... won't be the fence although I suppose it could be some support block you put behind the fence. It of course also lacks the down and back action of the miter clamps that is described I think in the FAQ.

    Personally, I think I would wait and watch eBay for a clamp kit or even the accessory kit to show up at a reasonable price. I'll mull over optional ideas.

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      You could use threaded tube, hanger bolts, and wood to make your own version of that clamp. The special t-nut could be challenging, but you'd be surprised at the crazy odd stuff you can find at a well stocked Ace. I nearly always find what I need there.


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        I used to have one of the Ryobi clamps many years ago. After a few uses, I found it to be quite useless, even dangerous. The SMT moves so well, I just hold the workpiece against the fence by hand. If the workpiece is dangerously small to hand hold, I will cut from a larger piece, or use a QuickGrip clamp to hold the workpiece. The Ryobi clamp went into the junk box for a bunch of years. When we moved to our new home, the clamp went into a box I set out at the curb for the scrappers.
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          This is my favorite answer: 'I don't need it because SMT holds my piece' . I didn't ask, but did wonder if I am chasing something that looks better than it actually is. I bought this saw partly because of the SMT and rip fence being much better than my old Craftsman table saw.
          Thank you Jim, Loring, Carlos, and Black Walnut! Finding this forum on the web when I was first learning about this saw that popped up on Craigslist was really what answered "what saw should I buy?" I have more questions coming up!

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        I think the second two images might be made to work however you will need to change out the t-nut. has what you need.
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