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Source for BT3100 parts? I need brushes!

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  • Source for BT3100 parts? I need brushes!

    Okay long story short, my brushes I believe are toast. The motor starts up, and, well it just doesn't stay started up. RPM goes up and down like power is being applied / pulled.... (I will post a video clip this weekend when I get a chance...).

    Pretty sure it's either the switch, or the brushes. I have a switch, I need to lay my hands on the brushes and get it all fixed up. But now the hard part. I don't remember the source of BT3100 parts. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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    Check with

    Reed's Sales and Service
    1260 Payne Ave St. Paul, MN 55130
    Phone: 651-774-9515 - Fax: 651-774-1532

    They serviced the BT3000 back in the day and they still have some parts in stock, but no idea what they have.
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      I have no idea if these have it, but my first trick with any parts I need is to look for a number on the part itself and google it. Parts like this are often common parts that you can get from various sources, not specific to the thing you're fixing. And many times they are half the price as a generic.


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        When I had the motor out to lube things up I took the brushes to a large ACE Hardware store and they matched them up with a pair from a tray of assorted brushes. I also got a set for an electric lawn mower at the same time. The ones for the mower worked just fine. I haven't had to put the ones into the saw and I'm not sure where they are. Dang something else to think about when I can't sleep.

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          Try eBay as there is at least one guy selling them. He will need to know the configuration of the brushes in your motor - it sounds as though he may be a good source as long as you can determine the type of brush.


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            McMaster Carr carries carbon brushes. You may be able to match them.
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              I would think that the CM 21829 and the BT3100 have the same motor and brushes. I found the CM brushes to be in stock at SearsPartsDirect (link below.)

              6 on diagram

              Table saw motor brush Parts #: 0502025007
              $ 6.23
              This item is not returnable
              In Stock

              Bill in Buena Park