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  • Water in the shop!

    So the 1st time it happened I saw water had gotten on the band saw table and I thought I was an idiot and just knocked over a bottle of water or something didn't notice.

    Well today I went out to the shop and I noticed water on top of the Band saw water across the floor and water on top of the water softener salt container.

    I got to working and the only possible source for this water has got to be at the control valve for the water softener system. I had to go clean up and repolish the band saw table agand now I have it covered upward with a big trash bag and we'll be checking on it until I can get the Water softened company out here Friday to take a look at this thing I don't even know what to call these parts...

    At least I have some decent excuse now to accelerate clean up in the shop.
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    I'm assuming you're not dealing with a frozen drain line which is a mess, DAMHIKT.

    If you are only seeing the water once in a while and not a consistent leak, it is something that is happening during regeneration. Force a regeneration while you are standing next to it and the source of the leak should be clear.
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      At least it is in your garage. Like whole house water filters and ro units it’s not uncommon to see them installed inside the house in a kitchen cabinet or laundry room. Or a water heater in the attic. When they start leaking it’s usually an insurance claim


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        My water heater is in the laundry room, and about 17 years old. I should get a new one.
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          Or learn to swim! My parents house (built in 1952] had the water heater in the kitchen, it was a cabinet model that was a real appliance, built like a stove or refrigerator with nice porcelain tops and sides. My father was worried about the damage it would caused if it leaked so he went in the crawl space and sawed a hole under the water heater so it would not flood the house. That had to be mid 1950s. That water heater was still working perfectly and leak free when I sold the house in 2010. I wish I had kept it!