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    I'd love to see the enforcement plan for that. Seems impossible. "Stop, touch, and arrest people who aren't complying with a health mandate." LOL. It's also kind of dumb because it's perfectly safe to go walk or drive on your own. I've been taking motorcycle and bicycle rides just to get out, but don't stop anywhere.


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      Yes, it is impossible. There's nothing wrong with taking a walk, ride, whatever, alone or with your significant other. While I see a lot of that around here (great), the problems that I see are groups of people mingling together for no other reason that that's something they always do; and I suppose there's nothing wrong with that either as long as everybody in the group is assured they don't have the virus. Either way, it's not something that we can enforce but it sure makes me cautious.

      Think it Through Before You Do!


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        Everyone in my neighborhood seems to be doing the right thing. There's always walking and biking going on here, but now it's 4x, and I haven't seen a single person near another except for couples and their kids.


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          My state - Kansas - is in a statewide stay at home order. School buildings are closed through the end of the term, but schools are holding classes on line. We're retired so we don't go out much anyway. Dollar General opens an hour each morning for seniors like us, so my wife goes there once or twice a week. My daughter does our grocery shopping for us. We're doing spring cleaning and I'm playing on my scroll saw. Restaurants are take out or delivery only. I live near the county line and have had cases in both counties. We had our first death a couple of days ago. Everyone stay safe and as sane as possible!
          "I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in."-Kenny Rogers


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            I see on the news that Albany Ga, my nearby town has the second highest death rate per capita. (34 deaths) Someone brought it in town early and shared it at 2 large funerals where it was spread over the entire area. A lot of older people involved here. We have sheltered in place and not going anywhere unless it is absolutely necessary. I’ve cleaned the filters on my Clearview dust collector, swapped out the motors on my wife’s Honda lawn tractor and planted the garden. It looks like I just might complete most of my long to do list before 19 is over!


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              I'm skirting the edge of political commentary here but It seems some cities are threatening people who go out on nonessentail business without a justification will be arrested. But these are the same cities who are emptying out the jails so that prisoners won't get sick.
              So if they arrest you for being out where are they going to put you? How does that make any sense?
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                It doesn't make sense. I think it is meant to scare people in the short term, but once people actually think about it, they'll do what they want, and I think with many 'going out' will actually be an act of defiance! Too many in our society think that way!


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              Yeah, the pot-clanging and saber-rattling is getting deafening, but it all seems so impotent.

              I'm 100% sure that at least one crazy person will think this is part of some conspiracy to enslave the people, and open up on cops. Then that will spur further insanity.


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                Originally posted by leehljp View Post

                "Flattening the curve" as is the recommendation offered by the CDC and Medical leadership is just prolonging the situation, but it offers a smidgen of hope. Some are saying go out in groups and get it over with. The problem with that second idea is that more deaths will come quicker, but by flattening the curve, hopefully some deterrent to the virus can be discovered before the majority get it, and higher survivability will result.

                There is a mindset that says get it over with. I talked with a pastor today that felt that way. I just shook my head!

                I missed this post of a few days ago, but still wanted to comment by saying that's one way of looking at it, but certainly not mine! I liken that to clearing a mine field by just marching every available person out into that field to set off every mine possible, in order to get the job done quickly! Yes there will be casualties, but surely we'll clear that field in short order.

                The problem with this virus is that it doesn't work that way. Each infection is a chance for several more; it's like a chain reaction. And, there have been reports that if you recover you may still be able to catch it again! So, the cycle could continue for months, if not years, or at least until a vaccine is invented. And what about mutations? I guess I've read too many science fiction stories when I was a kid, but this looks a lot like an old H.G. Wells or Ray Bradbury story.

                What seems to be true (from what I've read anyway), is that this isn't a living virus. It's basically a genetic seed, made up of a few proteins with a corona-like shell. It only multiplies when it finds a host in which it then germinates. Only in the host does it multiply, who will then spread it. Once exiting the host, who mostly exhales it, it simply falls into the path of another perspective host. Simply imagined, it's like microscopic dust that does no harm until it is picked up and inhaled.

                So given the timeline of 'invasion-to infection and contagion, to-possibly deadly sickness' is a time span of thirty days by most estimates. While some people will get better after two weeks of actual sickness, some will be sick for longer periods. Worse is the estimate that some who have been sick may carry the contagion for months. The question of whether they will need to remain in isolation or have some less stringent restrictions on their social interactions is still in need of an answer!

                IMO we must be conscience of those who we might expose because of our unbridled travels, and that includes an overwhelmed hospital system that is bravely trying to fight this thing. "Flattening the curve", is about awareness and minimizing your chance of spreading this virus. The challenge is to get enough mass in our society to avoid infection altogether and thus slow down the daily numbers, lower the burden, and eventually mitigate the virus growth to a state that is manageable. Regardless of the statements we see from the Federal government, it is clear that this will last months, if not years into our future. Management of its spread is going to be up to each and every one of us.

                The bottom line is that THIS is not going to be over, even if every person on the planet gets it tomorrow and I can't imagine anyone thinking that would be a good thing!
                Think it Through Before You Do!


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                  Update from earlie post....I see on the news that Albany Ga, my nearby town has the second highest death rate per capita. (34 deaths) ...... Update..... I recently found our from seemingly reliable sources. there are +- 37 additional covid19 deaths at home, not in hospitals, that do not show up on the news briefs. That puts the death toll in the Albany area around 70. So it seems that unless your die in a hospital you are not really dead and your death means noting.


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                    Small towns seem to correlate with being idiots. A friend is visiting family in a small town in Ohio (one dumb move) and absolutely nobody is keeping any distance (two dumb move), with many people hugging him since they haven't seen him in years (double three dumb move).


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                      Originally posted by Carlos View Post
                      Small towns seem to correlate with being idiots. A friend is visiting family in a small town in Ohio (one dumb move) and absolutely nobody is keeping any distance (two dumb move), with many people hugging him since they haven't seen him in years (double three dumb move).
                      By and large I agree with you; Our state has more population in rural areas than in metro areas (50,000+) and we have our share of idiots. MS goes into a "Shelter in Place" from today (Friday) at 6 PM, meaning that the law enforcement will stop and issue citations for non-essential work, travel and movement. Clergy has been deemed essential. My work has been with church pastors for the past 9 years as somewhat of a pastor to pastors, but I have had a working relationship with sheriff dept. personnel for this whole time.

                      I went into our local Dollar Store yesterday and they have distance lines in place. That was good. Beginning this evening, our local grocery stores (smaller than a supermarket ;-) ) will begin enforcing no more than 10 shoppers in the stores at a time.

                      There is lots of evidence that "social distancing" is working. But, I have seen my neighbors more since this started than before out in the yard doing yard work or walking the dogs or talking to others while keeping the distance of 8 to 10 ft.

                      To be honest, social distancing is known, understood, and observed by most in my small town, but there is one flaw that takes place inadvertently: When two people who are old buddies or old long time friends and haven't seen each other in ages, it is an instinctive response that pushes one - without thinking - to suddenly greet the other and violate the 8 ft space. IF they are within about 6 to 10 feet when they first see each other, particularly when turning a corner, it is more than likely that the instinctive and impulse greeting will take place; if they are 30 to 50 feet, the impulse will be over-ridden through the cognizance of distancing. I know that because that happened to me yesterday in spite of both of us having masks and gloves on! (And I am an introvert by nature.)

                      Hank Lee

                      Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!


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                        Idiots? They are everywhere! Saying what I said about Albany, which now has the highest 19 death / thousand in the country, i won’t say it is a small town thing. It looks like the largest populated centers are being eaten alive!
                        I read today in our newspaper squawkbox where a contributor was fussing about the county commission closing the 4 local golf courses! Stating over reaction and big brother interference to suit thousands of local folks! I do hate it for people who don’t have any hobbies or anything to occupy their time. Personally I don’t think I will catch up on my to do list even if this house arrest lasts till thanksgiving.
                        While I am waiting for parts ordered online for the Honda lawn tractor I brought the 1990 Mazda Miata into the shop and started on the PMs. I thought I’d replace all the suspension wearable parts, struts and disk rotors. At 100,000 miles, I can’t find anything with enough wear to warrant replacement so I’m going to just replace the disks and pads, change the oil and give it a wash and wax!
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