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So now for the obligatory posts, what did you get for Xmas 2019

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  • So now for the obligatory posts, what did you get for Xmas 2019

    Now that all the wrapping paper is cleared, we enjoyed the family time and the meals,

    What did you get, neat, Woodworking or not, for Christmas?

    What did you not get that you are going to run out and get when the stores open on the 26th?
    Loring in Katy, TX USA
    If your only tool is a hammer, you tend to treat all problems as if they were nails.
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    For me, I didn't request or need anything woodworking. Pretty much got too much stuff already. My best present was spending time with my youngest grandson.

    I'm thinking I need a programmable thermostat. I've been using several Alexa and Google home devices around the house, they are now four of them and possibly more around and I've got several on off switches for lighting.
    I have resisted a smart thermostat because we are retired and mostly around home so no benefit on learning work and weekend patterns. Everyday looks like weekend in our house.
    But the ability to control it by voice from anywhere in the house plus a $50 coupon I picked up Dec 23 has got me thinking I "need" one. My house has one of the old round Honeywell thermostats, it is that old. I think it will give more more historical use data on my A/C, if nothing else so I can see when its performance is getting bad.
    Loring in Katy, TX USA
    If your only tool is a hammer, you tend to treat all problems as if they were nails.
    BT3 FAQ -


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      We don't participate in the holiday BS, but I took advantage of box store deals from Black Friday through last week to update my Dewalt battery tools to the latest versions, refresh batteries, and spend nearly zero dollars net after selling the old stuff on eBay. It's amazing how much people were willing to pay for my ancient 12v first-gen stuff, compared to what I paid for new stuff on sales and clearance. Business is always super slow in December so I had a lot of shop time doing cleanup, re-organizing, adding more vacuum lines, and basically making it a better shop. Also installed a NG wall heater, it's been freezing cold in AZ this year (also acquired on clearance).


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        Oh, and ordered us a new big, high end 4k TV, at about $200 less than every other store PLUS a special $332 gift card I can use at the same site. That might get me a small super-quiet compressor to mount on the wall. I just sold my Eagle monster since battery tools have replaced all my air tools except the nail guns. And now I'm thinking maybe not get any compressor at all, since I have onboard air in my Jeep. I sold the Eagle for $600 and originally paid $325 for it ten years ago in a bankruptcy sale, new.


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          I got a floor jack and a creeper from my inlaws Just gotta pick up some jack stands and I'll be doing my own car maintenance now instead of waiting forever for someone else to do it at a shop. My wife bought me a porter cable dovetail jig (4216), I guess having emailed her a wishlist a few months back really paid off. That and hinting that I'd need that jig to do a project she wanted.


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            SLIPPERS! Hey, I'm a grampa.

            I'm going to HD and pickup two quarts of medium walnut Watco Danish Oil, a gallon of mineral spirits and some full extension drawer slides for the living room tables I'm making.
            Jim Frye
            The Nut in the Cellar.


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              Well, I got to spend a few hours with my Grandson's! They are 20 and 23 now and for the last few years have been living in Iowa, so getting to spend a good share of Christmas day with them was quite the gift. We spent an hour or so cooking on the grill and then some time in the shed that is now my shop. Surprising they took a real interest, something they really never had time for in their early teens when they just lived a few blocks away.

              They don't like where they live now and both are working to save enough money to move back here in August, "So Grandpa, you're going to see a lot more of us very soon, and I'd love to learn everything about woodworking you can teach us."

              Wow, I couldn't possibly get a better gift than that,


              Think it Through Before You Do!


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                As for woodworking: a Ryobi 18V ROS sander. I was surprised for the weight of that sander. I have the Ryobi 18V CAT corner sander and used it often, but the ROS was considerably heavier than the CAT sander. I haven't used it on a board yet, but it's weight feels like a workhorse. (It might not seem heavy to some of you, but after using the CAT sander for the past 3 - 4 years, I was surprised at the ROS weight. AS I continue into the cordless world, I will surely use it.

                LOML and I treated ourselves (well LOML did at my urging) to an Apple TV 4K with 64G download . We had a first generation one but it is so old that it was basically useless. I'm so far out of TV land that I asked why only 64G. You can't store anything on that! - I said. She said "that is a big as I could get". So I looked online and she was right. I called a daughter and asked why 64G? The answer was the it was for downloading game apps to play streaming, not for downloading movies. I learned something new. LOML loves the Disney and other movies that are available. When our Texas grandkids come, I know what they will be watching for the next few years here.

                The house is peaceful!

                We spent Christmas with our single daughter with 3 large dogs - in Missouri, and then the daughter from Arkansas came with her husband and 5 kids - 3 in high school and 2 in college. We had great time. Along with my Son in Law and their youngest son (15) who can fix almost anything I can - went too some tool and wood stores in both Springfield and Branson on Monday before Christmas.
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                Hank Lee

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                  We arrived back in the US a few days before Christmas, but I had already renewed our Costco membership a week ahead. I'm picky and also a horrible gift buyer so I buy my own stuff (after a ton of research) and my wife buys her own stuff and I don't make a fuss. With the new Costco membership, I bought a new laptop--I only had a computer from work--as well as a color laser printer. I gave our inkjet away before we moved.

                  The only thing close to woodworking was a new Ryobi tool kit I bought over Black Friday and had shipped to my parents' house. I am eyeing a Worx Pegasus tool stand at Lowe's, too. It depends on what our housing situation will be when we move again, but we'll just be in a 2 bedroom apartment in DC for the next 7 months so I'm in no rush to fill it up with stuff.

                  We had to sell our car before leaving the ME so we also ended up buying a new car before Christmas, too.


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                    My Kennedy tool chest has long ago been outgrown and I decided to replace it with a Harbor Freight US General box of simular size. May it serve me well.
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                      What's that little black toy 3-drawer tool chest in the middle on the floor?

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                    Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane with the PM-V11 blade, and Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool (to replace the single-speed bottom-of-the-line tool Dremel tool I bought 30 years ago - it served me well).


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                      Christmas part 2 has come, after lots of and lots of asking and begging, the wife has agreed to let me get a sawstop if she gets another kitten. Easy deal now that we've got the room for another cat.

                      The BT3100 has served me well, but the SMT has worn enough that it can't be adjusted to have 0 lateral movement, the SMT fence has a lot of play and liked to keep slipping out of square, and the finish has worn off most of the top. It was one fine saw, definitely worth far more than I payed for it, but the sawstop is one heck of a nice tool. Can't wait to see all the projects this one turns out.


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                        Today I went out and shot some toys I picked up during the holiday sales. Got a pistol-length AR-15 upper in .50 Beowulf, what a hoot. My shoulder is sore though. Installed a couple new add-ons like angled foregrips and lighter guards on the 5.56 pistol upper and 6.5 Grendel rifle. Cracked a couple of rocks with the .50 BMG and shot a lot of friends' new toys too.


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                          .50 Beowulf? I watch one shoot at a range last month in a AK format. I was impressed with how little difference the recoil was with the AK47. More pop in the noise level. I wanted one until I heard the owner say the ammo was about $3.50 ea.


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                            I'm confused, because the Beowulf hits WAY harder than the 7.62x39 and ammo has never cost that much. That's .50 BMG pricing. The high end Beowulf ammo from Alexander Arms is just under $2, and my plinking ammo is about $1.25. The fury from this round is unmistakable for both the user and those next to it. From a pistol, it spits fire and kicks even harder. Muzzle energy is around 3,000 while the 7.62x39 is only half that. The ballistics on it are similar to a 45-70 (short range, devastating hit).

                            Also, I've never heard of an AK conversion for that caliber, that's interesting. I wonder if it was a DIY.

                            A couple months ago I got to try my Beowulf carbine upper on a full auto lower, now that was stupid fun.