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How our dog deals with a defective ice cube

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  • How our dog deals with a defective ice cube

    This guy loves to eat ice, so every time he hears the dispenser run, he comes over for a few. He didn't know what to do with this one that had a growth on it though.

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    Now that's a first world problem!



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      That is too funny.

      We used to find puddles in front of the fridge and I was sure it had some sort of intermittant leak. I couldn't find an issue with it and neither could the GE repair man. Ultimately I saw the dog jump up with his paws pushing on the paddle and drinking directly from the fridge as water sprayed all over.. Since the fridge didn't have a lockout, we had to turn off the water to it an go back to making ice manually.
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        Luckily he's not tall enough to reach, but he'd probably do it if he could. He loves this thing...


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          My daughter called a few minutes ago, said her 8 months old mutt dog drug the chair from the kitchen table (without her hearing it) to the stove and climb up and started licking the frying pan that she had not yet cleaned. She is not married and has no kids, so it was the dog! With a thinking dog like that, she has a problem on her hands!
          Hank Lee

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            I had troubles with my 2 Labrador retrievers stealing my leather work gloves off my work bench and basically eating them. I couldnít figure out where the gloves were disappearing to until I saw their paw prints on the bench top.