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2018 is blowing chunks so far....

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  • 2018 is blowing chunks so far....

    So the run down so far is....

    On my wife's side of the family we have lost in 2018. And mind you this has been since March...

    2 cousins from cancer, and an Aunt due to complications of Alzhemiers.
    Her brother lost his 2.5 year battle with colon cancer.
    A long time friend and colleague of mine, the second friend of mine I introduced my wife to when we were dating passed away suddenly.

    And as of late Friday night, my Dad passed away from, well not sure as it could have been any of a laundry list of medical problems nobody told me about until he was gone...

    I am so over 2018. Can we just skip ahead to 2019 already?
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    Wow, Dave, that is a lot to deal with. My deepest condolences for your losses especially your father.



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      Praying for you, Dave, praying for you.
      Hank Lee

      Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!


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        That is more than one family should have to deal with in a lifetime let alone in a single year. Prayers are with you and your family.
        An ethical man knows the right thing to do.
        A moral man does it.


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          Very sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you and your family and friends. May your faith be strong and may the remainder of the year be better for all of your loved ones.

          Think it Through Before You Do!


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            Wow, that's a lot. I've only recently really started to understand getting to the age when losing people becomes "normal." In the last 2-3 years we've lost a lot of close people, including our son at the end of 2016. You never expect it with younger people. Then shortly after, a very close friend died for no apparent reason at 36. They have no real answer on what happened, just died in his sleep. My dad's death was horrible, yet not shocking. He was pretty far into Alzheimer's issues, and had already beaten major cancers twice. It was no shock that his body was challenged.

            This weekend I was sorting photos and ran across one where all four people in it are no longer with us. ****.


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              That is a lot to be hit with in a single year ...

              Sounds like my 2017, my own father passed away* spring of 2017 (sad, but in some ways a blessing in that he went rather quickly, and before any major "nursing home" kinds of things, and he'd made it to 89 sound of mind, and generally healthy and very active for nearly all of it, only slowing down the last year or so).

              That was bad enough I thought, losing dad was... well there is no way to describe it; he was more than just a father, also a my MAIN teacher, friend, even "partner in crime" as the saying goes.... EDIT: Probably also, now that I think about it, dad passing away is likely one of the reasons I am looking at the forums here & posting stuff again... -- after I retired a decade ago, my dad became my "tool & shop & woodworking chat buddy" {I'll have to post pics of some of his creations too, multi-wood spinning wheels & other really NICE stuff!} -- guess I miss that interaction, and need some kind of a substitute, not having one in "meat space" anymore. :-(

              But then a few months later -- though it in no way compares -- my favorite cat got sick and went down fast; yeah just a pet, but when they're constantly underfoot for a decade and a half and then suddenly just "gone"... well I miss the annoying little fur-ball, even his whining early in the morning. Then in summer a really good friend (and his wife & newest child) died in a freak car accident; and near the end of the year I lost another cat, and yet another (older) friend (mentor, former employer) passed away rather unexpectedly just after Thanksgiving. And... well other problems (hospital scares, etc) with friends & fam.

              So for me, it was 2017 that really sucked.**

              Felt like one body blow after another; difficult then to remember that life goes on, that this IS inevitably part of life, just the part that gets deferred and which we hope to have delayed even more... But when you're in the midst of it, the depths of the sadness, well as the saying goes:

              This too shall pass.

              Is both a blessing and a curse. Yet we need to try remember to be thankful for all that we have, including having had the grace & blessing to have known all of these good people for so many years, while they were alive; and that we are still alive (and being that for others) and need to go on actually living.

              * One of the reasons for the shop cleanup & remodel, etc... is that I've inherited (but not yet moved) some of my dad's old machinery (really ancient {circa late 1940's} but still functional Delta Wood Lathe, plus a 1970's Craftsman/Atlas Metal Lathe, Vertical Milling Machine, etc) -- things my brother & rest of fam don't have room for, or even want (and yet which my father would be very disappointed to simply have sold off, not that we would get much for the stuff anyway, the present locations not conducive to "sale") ... and so I need to MAKE room for it (gonna be a tight squeeze, and may -- eventually -- need to put another {metal working} "workshop" addition off the back of the garage, but for now it needs to fit IN the garage, and ideally still be able to use the garage as a garage).

              ** Not that it was ALL bad mind you, couple of healthy newborn additions to the extended (and now even more extended) family were born in 2017.
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                I am very sorry for your loss. My thought are with you and your family. As it has been said this is far too much to deal with in a life time, let alone in just a few months.
                Turaj (in Toronto)
                "When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading!" Henny Youngman


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                  Thanks for the kind words. I've been busy working on the kitchen since we got back from Dads funeral. Got the new fridge loaded. My wife insisted on using those fridge organizers which in reality seem to do nothing but make the space less efficient... Oh well...

                  I need to get a moving truck to get the rest of my BILs stuff out of my house so I can keep working on the kitchen. Probably do that this weekend...

                  Looks like the hits are going to keep coming. My FIL is in a home now, not shocking, but not helpful. I doubt he'll make the rest of the year. His health is just that bad... And my Mom is starting to notice her own faculties slipping... Ugh.

                  Definately need to spend more time living and enjoying life instead of grinding away and trudging through...
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                    Dave, I have been away for a bit, and then I see this: my heart goes out to you and your family.
                    Deep condolences on your Dad's passing.
                    Prayers from me for you and yours...

                    And you are right - don't trudge, but celebrate!
                    Like my dad used to tell me at the end of anything - an event or a life - don't be sad it's over, be happy it happened!
                    It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.
                    - Aristotle