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  • Black wallnut
    cycling to health
    • Jan 2003
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    • Ellensburg, Wa, USA.
    • BT3k 1999

    Prayer Request

    Friends, the First Lady of BT3Central, Adele Conder and her family are in great need of our prayers and thoughts. Adele is currently in the hospital in need of heart surgery. She's stable and should be able to return home in a few days so that her medical team can get her infection under control. She has a congenital defect of her aortic valve. Sam tells me that they are planning to give her a valve replacement in a few weeks, once the infection is under control.

    As you can imagine this is a difficult time for Adele, Sam and the boys. Both will likely be away from the forum for a while. Please offer them up in your prayers if you pray.

    Adele, Sam we love ya! We pray that you will be comforted in your time of need. We pray for a successful surgery for Adele and a speedy recovery.

    Mark and Melissa
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  • KenBurris
    Established Member
    • Jan 2003
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    • Cincinnati, OH, USA.


    They'd bettter find a big valve to fit that big heart of yours! Hope all
    goes well. I'm sure Sam and the boys will take great care of you.

    Ken in Cincinnati

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    • Uncle Cracker
      The Full Monte
      • May 2007
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      • Sunshine State
      • BT3000

      Prayers are up...


      • dbhost
        Slow and steady
        • Apr 2008
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        • League City, Texas
        • Ryobi BT3100

        Prayers on their way, will ask prayer minded friends to add this as well...
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        • Bill in Buena Park
          Veteran Member
          • Nov 2007
          • 1865
          • Buena Park, CA
          • CM 21829

          Adding my prayers for Adele's healing, successful surgery, and strength for the Conder family.
          Bill in Buena Park


          • LinuxRandal
            Veteran Member
            • Feb 2005
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            • Independence, MO, USA.
            • bt3100

            Add my prayers and well wishes.
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            • LCHIEN
              Internet Fact Checker
              • Dec 2002
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              • Katy, TX, USA.
              • BT3000 vintage 1999

              my prayers and well wishes are added.
              Loring in Katy, TX USA
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              • Knottscott
                Veteran Member
                • Dec 2004
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                • Rochester, NY.
                • 2008 Shop Fox W1677

                Add another prayer warrior to the list...
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                • billwmeyer
                  Veteran Member
                  • Feb 2003
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                  • Weir, Ks, USA.
                  • BT3000

                  Prayers sent. Get well Adele, Hang in there Sam.

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                  • leehljp
                    Just me
                    • Dec 2002
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                    • Tunica, MS
                    • BT3000/3100

                    Sam, Adele, we are praying for both of you from this side of the ocean.
                    Hank Lee

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                    • tommyt654
                      Veteran Member
                      • Nov 2008
                      • 2334

                      Prayers up here as well


                      • cabinetman
                        Gone but not Forgotten RIP
                        • Jun 2006
                        • 15218
                        • So. Florida
                        • Delta

                        Our thoughts and prayers are for you and those that can help you.


                        • Richard in Smithville
                          Veteran Member
                          • Oct 2006
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                          • On the TARDIS
                          • BT 3100

                          Put me on the list-prayers are on the way.
                          From the "deep south" part of Canada

                          Richard in Smithville



                          • RAFlorida
                            Veteran Member
                            • Apr 2008
                            • 1179
                            • Green Swamp in Central Florida. Gator property!
                            • Ryobi BT3000

                            Prayers and well wishes are

                            being placed for her and family. Speedy recovery to her.


                            • DUD
                              Royal Jester
                              • Dec 2002
                              • 3309
                              • Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA.
                              • Ryobi BT3000

                              Adele, Sam and the Boys

                              From Our Home to Yours Our Thought and Prayers are sent Your way. Good Luck, God

                              Bless. Bill
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