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    I am thinking about buying a good pair of work boots for projects around the house and I was wondering if it was worthwhile to consider safety boots (otherwise known as steel toe boots I believe).

    Any opinions? Pros? Cons?

    Thanks for any help.

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    They always used to hurt my feet... If you are not routinely hoisting appliances or other heavy objects above them, felling trees, or kicking large dogs in the head, then you probably won't derive much benefit from steel-toes around the house...


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      This is really a no-brainer for me. Boxers wear steel cups don't they? Well you may not value your toes like the family jewels, but I'll testify that toes will flatten just so far, until squeeze out occurs. This is a BAM (by all means) decision for me.


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        I recently ordered a pair of Belleville military safety boots. I didn't care specifically for the steel toe, but those were more comfortable and lasted several times longer than any other work boots I have gotten lately.


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          I can't count the number of times steel toes saved me pain from dropping logs, landscape block, sharp tools, or sheet goods.

          Living only 20 miles from the home of Red Wing Shoes, Red Wing work boots are truly outstanding and comfortable enough to wear all day. They are spendy though, in the $200 range.
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            I wear these from Red Wing.

            No break in, comfortable from the start and I get about 5 years before they look too ratty to keep wearing.

            You might be surprised at the variety of styles that Red Wing has. Everything from traditional work boots which are a bit too much for my needs to sneakers with steel safety toes. They also carry a line of plastic safety toe boots.

            I used to wear Iron Age brand metatarsal boots at the steel mill and still have a nasty old pair around for just in case.

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              I like Rocky brand boots they are really comfortable and durable.The pair I wear now cost in the $100 range.If you go to a store that deals with industrial safety shoes they will have sneaker and hiking style shoes that are much lighter than boots and offer steel toes as well.
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                They can be comfortable. I think Red Wing is a good one.

                Do you know about kickback? Ray has a good writeup here...

                For a kickback demonstration video


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                  I can't comment on the steel-toed ones since I haven't worn a pair since leaving the railroad in 1980 and they have surely made improvements since then. I prefer 8" high tops and I used to really like Vasque (a Red Wing subsid'y, I believe) so now I either buy the RWs or Carolina's. Try some on and walk around the store for 10 minutes to see if they rub anywhere. Oh yea, don't forget to wear a pair of socks that you plan to use with the new boots.


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                    Wal mart sells Georgia brand steel toes that arn't very pricey. I have owned several pairs of georgis boots and they have held up pretty well and fairly comfortable too. The most comfortable pair of boots i own are Danner boots great fit and comfortable walking all day long right out of the box,just a little pricey tho.



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                      i am on my 3rd or fourth pair of ST shoes, mine are the ones by Hush Puppy and they are very comfortable compared to the ones I had before. Pay enough money to get ones that fit right so you can wear them all day. I have wide feet and paid more for the shoes but it was worth it. most of our customers and our own field shops have requirements for ST shoes on work locations.

                      See if your company has an allowance for safety equipment to help subsidize.
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                        For my money it's Redwings. I wear them every day. The last pair I had looked like running shoes and were light and breathed well. Cost me about $100-120 but well worth it. Drop a 4qtr oak board on your big toe just once and it'll be worth every penny it cost ya for steel toes. Pat
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                          While I was framing houses many years ago, I never had steel toe boots, but a buddy of mine that I worked with had both ST and regular boots. He always complained about how uncomfortable the ST boots were and how fast the leather wore through over the steel. We both always wore Red Wings and loved them, but he always said hom much he hated the steel toes. He had to buy them for another job he had, so he attempted to get his money out of them.


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                            You might want to look at running shoe style safety shoes also. After wearing a heavy work boot all day the last thing I want to do is put some on again. I have a lighter pair of safety shoes for the shop and around the yard. It helps when work pays for a new pair every year.
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                              I used to work wearing sneakers, until I dropped a 4x8 sheet of 3/4" MDF on my big toe. After five years, the nail is still weird.

                              Now I only wear steel toes.

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