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  • Playing fetch with your dog

    OK, my daughter got a new dog/puppy, he's supposed to be part labrador, several months old.
    In my experience, all dogs naturally want to retrieve balls and sticks.
    THis dog is different. He runs after the ball taps it when it stops rolling and leaves it there.

    What does your prime dog do?
    He ignores it completely.
    He runs after it then ignores it after it stops moving.
    He picks it up and takes it elsewhere.
    He picks it up and then comes to you and chews it thoughtfully.
    He picks it up and brings it to you but then plays Keep-away.
    He picks it up, brings it to you and drops it at your feet to play again

    The poll is expired.

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    Mine does a combo. He always retrieves it but sometimes he needs to chew it really good first. Sometimes he wants to play keep away before dropping it in front of me.

    He really prefers to catch it mid-air

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      We have Alaskan Malamutes. If you keep throwing it, they'll just look at you like you are a fool and walk away...


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        Wow, jeez, TomSlick - look at the muscle on that dog! Enter them into doggie bodybuilding contest. What breed, part pit or part rott?
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          he's a pound mutt but the previous owners (he was a turn in) claim he's a boxer mix. I think he has a bit of pit too. certainly has a goofy/nice boxer personality. He's naturally very lean and muscular and a ball of energy.

          Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. - Thomas Edison


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            Did someone say Ball? Archie loves the ball, and will always bring it back. If we are inside he'll set it in your lap (not too great when it gets all slobbery). Outside he will put it in you hand if he's not tired, he lets go about 90% other 10% he plays tug of war. If he is tired, he'll stop and rest about 3 feet away. He'll drop the ball and nudge it so it rolls towards you when he is ready to go again. Starting to walk away gets him going again also.
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              My lab fetches the bone, brings it straight back, drops it, and runs off in the direction he thinks I am going to throw it, which usually means I aim a different direction...

              He is good and old, beyond being a good bird dog anymore. When he was younger he would occasionally play keep away with the ducks...
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                One day I decided it was time I taught my son's Lab how to play fetch. I threw a tennis ball way across the yard, she ran after it, brought it back & dropped it right between my feet & sat waiting on me to pet her. Easiest training I ever did.


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                  My lab is a great retriever - but she's only 6 mos, and hasn't gotten the hang of the "release" yet. She brings the ball back, sits at my feet, and then I have to remove the ball from her mouth. But then she's ready to go again. Funny thing in her chase is that she likes to hit the ball down with her nose, mid-air, as it's moving forward, just to see if she can get it to hop - and sometimes this causes her to stumble. Very entertaining.
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                    Frank's favorite game is keep away. Fetch is just a variation where he gets to run after the item to keep away.

                    Usually he picks up a toy and pushes into the back of your knees and then runs when you turn around.

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                      I have one dog who picks it up and brings it back. I have another who plays keep away.

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                        My dog will pick out a toy and demand that somebody plays with him, problem is he will not surrender the toy to be played with. Any thing thrown he will return but not release. I think it is part of his game to get somebody to chase after him.
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                          Mine will get it, come back to you with it, and drop it more or less on command.

                          She wasn't always this way- at first when she was a pup she'd just run around with it after I threw it. Got her over that by getting two toys to throw. I'd throw the first one, she'd get it and run around playing keep away and I'd squeak the second one to get her attention. She'd run to me to get that, usually dropping the first when she got close and then I'd throw the 2nd one, pick up the first one and repeat.

                          Once she got the hang of it, I'd just use one toy but if she didn't bring it right back, I'd start to walk away. She figured out real quick that if she wants me to play she needs to bring it back to me. Now if she doesn't bring it right back, she is taking a rest break.

                          Great topic, love seeing peoples dogs. Love dogs, ours is family.


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                            I'll throw the ball, and Layla will go get it. She'll bring it back to me, and drop it in my hand or near my feet. She's ready to go again. After a while, she'll get tired, then get the ball, and walk past me right up to the porch. Time to go in for a drink and a rest.

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                              We have three German Shepherd Dogs. Two are sisters from different litters and both are great at fetch. The younger sister loves to play with a deflated rubber basketball. She runs and almost always catches it in the air - sometimes in amazing style and then brings it right back. Her older sister loves to fetch, but has a heart condition, so she is only allowed to play for a few minutes. The third Shepherd was a rescue and she has no clue what fetch is. She tries to catch balls, but is absolutely terrible at it. She tries, but usually misses by a mile. When she does pick it up, she'd rather play kill the ball rather than bring it back.

                              The first two pics are Helga - She thinks she is a Border Collie playing with a frisbee

                              This one is Elsa - She is the rescue

                              This one is LOML with Helga and Shultzie