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    If you haven't heard of them before they're basically a motor driven air hose and electrical cord reel. These originally sold for $300. When Lowe's clearanced them out for $100 I bought all 4 of the configurations. Electrical ceiling mount, Electrical portable and same for air. Looks like they dropped the price considerably or maybe going out of business?? I love mine. My only gripe is I wish the portable had a longer cord. They have some pretty cool features like if you accidentally cut the cord power shuts off and slow the retraction as you get closer to the reel to avoid the whiplash effect you sometimes get from the spring driven reels. Thankfully haven't been able to test out that feature.
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    Cool! Its not too complicated for the job?
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      I haven’t found them to be so. Another negative I just remembered is that the ends are heavier and a normal cord or reel. Especially the electrical. This is not a big deal for me as all of my tools have long enough cords that I don’t really need to have the end of robo reel in the air. YMMV depending on your tool cord lengths.
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        So, this is just like any normal cord reel, but with the electrical motor instead of a spring? Nothing more? Am I missing something, or is this simply expense and complexity chasing a problem that was already solved??