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  • Love my planer

    Although I live to hand plane, sometimes, I need to plane a lot of wood. I just picked up a surplus dewalt 735, and man..... I'm in love.

    I cleaned the unit up first. Blades are super easy to change, plus, they're two-sided

    Today, I planed 50 bf of oak. LoVE the head lock. Great consistency,, and wood is spot on 3/4", cut is wonderful.

    I'll miss my delta lunch box, but this machine is a whole new ball game. Wish I would have done this earlier.

    Two thumbs and a big toe up. wish
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    A few "lessons learned" on the 735. I too really like mine. I never used any other planer so I can't say "wow, this is so much better than..." but before buying mine I did read magazine and user reviews and pretty much all of them picked the 735 as the best until you get to the multi-thousand dollar big pro machines. The other good unit was the original Ryobi unit which originated the "lunchbox" style planer according to some folks... I remember reading about a pro shop that used their "big iron" planers to get stock close and then they ran it through their old Ryobi planer that was permanently set to 1/2 inch (or was it 3/4?) for the final pass!

    Anyway, my 735 has been solid. Lessons learned:
    1: the "side pods" cover sprockets and chain mechanisms for the drive. Open those up once it a while and make sure shavings and dust aren't accumulating; lubricate the chain if necessary. I've never had an issue with mine but somebody else I know had one of those small sprockets snap in half. So do a little preventative maintenance.

    2: the internal dust extraction blower works remarkably well. As the owner's manual states, it might overwhelm a shop vac's airflow! I used to use a Delta 50-720 dust collector with it and had no problems. The 735'b blower would fully inflate the Delta's bags before I even turned the Delta ON.. Make sure whatever hose you clamp to the 735's port is tightly clamped. I used those plastic "quick connect" cones on my flex hose and if it's not really tightly applied the 735 might blow the hose clean-off - mine blew off once rather violently. The hose didn't just fall down - it was tossed several feet back. It would have hurt had it hit me or whacked another tool. (Yes the Delta dust collector was ON when this happened!). Then shavings were spread everywhere quite rapidly by the 735's blower.

    3: notice how "loud" the planer is right now - get one of those freebie cellphone "noise meter" programs if nothing else. Note the size and type of board you're running through the planer too for future reference. Then, if processing boards of similar size and composition seem to be making more noise that's a sign the planer knives are getting dull. I was amazed at how much quieter my planer got the first time I flipped the knives. It was never quiet... but the "before" and "after" noise levels from changing blades was VERY noticeable. If the sound has a fair bit of a high-pitched shriek/wail to it that's a sign it's beyond time to sharpen or change the knives.

    4: My 735 sits on a roll-around storage cabinet I built - almost all of my "benchtop" tools live this way. I sometimes put small items on top of the cabinet, next to the 735, such as the remotes to the overhead air cleaner and my newer Laguna dust collector (anybody in SoCal want to buy a Delta 50-720?). Before lowering the planer, take a quick look around it and make sure nothing has "migrated" into the side openings. The 735's height adjustment mechanism works quite well and can easily turn the 735 into a remote compactor if you don't pay attention. I didn't "feel a thing" in the735's height adjustment handle as the overhead's remote got folded in half by the 735's guide rails.



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      Right out of the box my Dewalt 735 produced snipe free cuts! I thought that was great, maybe I won’t waste lots of time trying to work around snipe like I had to do with my Craftsman planer. After I read the instructions I figured I had better set the infeed and outfeed tables like the book said. Since then I have had snipe on a regular basis. I think it knows how expensive the wood is or maybe knows it is the last piece I have. Nothing I have been able to do has remedied the snipe.

      Other than snipe I really like this planer.


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        I have a Dewalt 733 Works great. I did have a Grizzly This is a **** of a machine G1037Z under 1 grand
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        The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low cost is forgotten!


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          Cant get photo to load
          The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low cost is forgotten!


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            So - earlier this week, I attached some vacuum tubes and a Rikon dust bag to the planer.......

            I planed 1/4" off of about 8 board feet of oak.

            Holy smokes -----there's almost no dust to worry about!!!!

            Have I mentioned that I like this tool?