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  • !!!! Best tool ever !!!

    The 26th I excused myself for a short time to run to Lowes and Home Depot to see what was going to be on the close outs and was talking to a friend at the end of the plumbing aisle. I commented that I would like to have a toilet plunger made on the end of a pogo stick to leave in the guest bathroom for guest to use. He laughed and pointed out the super duper drain plunger on the shelf behind us........ I had to have it! Might be the best ever tool.

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    I can’t wait to try this beast!

    With a house full of guests we found ourselves in a couple of touch and go moments this holiday season. My wife buys her favorite super soft toilet tissue in the big, 1 roll = a gazillion roll 24 pack. I like it, it does a great job. The guest bathroom has 1 roll on the roll holder, 2 rolls in the little frilly basket on the toilet tank, 6 in the stand up rack beside the toilet and several dozen in the cabinet below the sink. Never can have enough toilet paper. I always insist that there is a drain plunger discretely placed in the corner beside each toilet in the house. Several times we heard shouts from the bathroom indicating someone had abused the toilet. The last I checked the year long supply of toilet paper was on the last roll! I guess no one had ever seen the large rolls and figured they had to use the whole roll every flush! Our toilets are the latest design with the large drain and large tank valve, and have witnessed some impressive flushes!
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    Ah, the necessities of entertaining. Clear the clog or blow up the pipes, one way or another that thing is going to get the toilet to flush.
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      I’d still rather it be built like a pogo stick where I could get my whole weight on it as I jumped up and down and help relieve some of my frustrations due to “toilet operator error”

      maybe be the next high tech toilet plunger should be built using LI batteries, maybe a ryobi 18 v, tire pump the and compressed air accumulation tank?


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        Those things can produce a lot of pressure, so just be careful you don't blow out the wax seal.

        Decades ago I made a similar device for cleaning out the kitchen sink (obviously not smart enough to patent and market it). Worked pretty well at the time until I remodeled and the plumber installed a vent-like valve on that drain... don't know why or what good it did, but he said it was required. Only thing I do know is that it prevented any possible use of a plunger (no pressure could be built) and I've never seen one on any sinks that I've seen installed since.)

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          Sanitary drain vents help the piping breathe and make water flow much better. I’ve even seen vents that wee designed to tie into the bottom drain of large sinks like double kitchen sinks, they vented to just under the counter. And yes they made plunging frutle. My sanitary drain problems from the toilets appears to be operator error, just plain flushing too much paper down. My kitchen sinks occasionally backs up from grease build up in the piping to the main drain. It is impossible to access this piping except through the sink drain or under the sink by removing the p trap. I’ve found that by keeping my wife from panickin, it is a simple fix to bring several large pots of water to a rolling boil on the stove next to the sink and slowly dumping it down the drain or in the sink. After several pots of water, if it is not clear I hit it with the small plunger that is kept under this sink.......not the one used in the toilet...... and whalla its like new again, works better than liquid plummer.