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  • A LiOn Died...

    One of my 18 volt LiOn Ryobii batteries packed it in yesterday.It was put into service on 03/02/2008, has been lax on holding a charge for over a month for the last year or so. I had marked it as "going bad", but may have killed it. I had it in my Ryobi FM radio in the shop and inadvertently left the unit on when I left the shop. I went to turn it on and the switch was already on. No light from the test button and the charger will refuse to charge it after testing. I guess I got my money's worth out of it (it was a "product evaluation" piece from Ryobi). I probably won't even take it over to Battery Wholesale for rebuilding. I'll just put it in the HD recycle bin when I go to replace it. I still have four more for use.
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    I considered sending battery packs out for rebuild, It's not cheap but competitive with new one.
    The thing that prevented me from sending to on-line shops that do it is you have to pay the cost of shipping your old dead pack (so they have the case and see how the batteries are packed) and then paying for shipping the pack with new batteries back. Two way shipping of a heavy pack can cost another 20 bucks plus to the cost.

    I found a Batteries Plus Bulbs retail outlet near me that will rebuild NiCd, NiMH and LiIon packs for a reasonable price but as you pick up and drop off it saves the high cost of shipping.

    They have the welding machines for putting on the spot weld contact strips and test the pack after its built.
    He offered to do it while I waited but there wouldn't be time to test it... I decided to go back and pick it up the next day.
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      I've replaced a number of "non replaceable" batteries in various devices. Most are pretty straightforward, and many even just plug in. I open the device and google the numbers on the battery. Last week I did an expensive electric toothbrush; the battery was $4 from China, arrived in ten days.