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$20 in west by gawd

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  • $20 in west by gawd

    Look what I found for a $20 bill!Click image for larger version

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    Itís a 50 yr old number 5 in great shape.


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      That is a sweet find. Those are awesome planes when properly tune up.
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        Nice find!
        Bill in Buena Park


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          Impressive deal


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            Very nice find, and at a great price!

            I found a Stanley #3 a few years ago for $5. It's an early 40's era, with no brass. Got it working like new after a few hours of work. Last year I was given another #3, that had belonged to my wife's grandfather. It's pretty beat up. The blade is stamped "Hudson Mfg Co" from as near as I can tell through the rust.

            Your #5 looks pretty decent, is that the condition you bought it?

            Thanks for posting,

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              Just how I found it. Doubt itís seen much use. Very tiny spots of rust. Also got a Makita circular for $25. The saw needed a new power cord..... already fixed! It was a good yard sale day!!


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                Iím not up on my Stanley dates but I would have guess it was nearly 70 years old, produced right after WWII. Itís hard to find an old plane at a yard sale that belonged to some old codger thatís stopped using them because of age or health that is rust free. He probably oiled them up 30 years ago the last time he use them but the oil goes away over time and some rust started or when his kids cleaned out his shop they handled them and caused some rust. I use to try to hit the yard and estate sales but it finally soaked in that most of the good tools had belonged to someone like myself, maybe my father or grandfathers age that had passed away. Now I donít go to many yard and estate sales any more because it reminds me what will eventually happen to my tools. Sad.


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                  I put a new hock blade on it. Cuts like butter. Nice, long, thin strips. Dang nice tool!


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                    Do you think it came painted red or did someone add that?