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Shop-specific air cleaners vs home style air filters

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    One click off topic... what were they thinking? When I was researching shop dust collectors it seems that most consumer grade systems use drum type filters. Gawd... they use the inside of the filter for the dust collection. I understand their logic for this from a business point of view, they don’t have to build a pressure capable enclosure for the filters this way. Money saved for them, PIA for the customer when he has to clean them. Definitely not a job that can be done in place. The Clearview forum has several posters that saw this engineering’s snafuu actually built the enclosure and used the outside of the filter vrs the inside of the filter...... I wish I had paid more attention.

    My 5 hp Clearview CV 1800 was installed in Jan 2017 and I haven’t had to clean the filters yet! That’s quite a testimonial for how good of a job the Bill Pentz clycone is doing removing flour dust.