Source for actual quality 2x4s and plywood...

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  • Source for actual quality 2x4s and plywood...

    So as you know I am having to redo my flip top stand for the jointer since the new jointer is considerably larger than the old one...
    And I need to build a proper drill press cabinet for the bench top drill press...

    Now I have used Home Depot 2x4 and plywood stock, but as we all know, that stuff is made by the same people that make taco shells and it inevitably curls up and becomes useless.

    So my lumber options aren't huge. I kind of don't want to make utility stands like this out of nice hardwood, but I would like actual kiln dried and straight 2x4 stock as well as cabinet grade plywood that won't turn into a taco shell the second I cut it...

    My local options that I know of, and there are likely more which is why I am asking are....

    Home Depot (bleh)
    Ace Hardware / Kilgore Lumber Company / Kemah Hardware.

    Any other suggestions for where I might be able to source up properly kiln dried 2x4 stock for this project?
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    You do not have a Menards near you, but if you did, I would recommend them.
    Hank Lee

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      The last time I needed straight 2x4s and HD & Lowes didn't have any, I ended up at a nearby Carter Lumber yard to get them. If Carter didn't have them, I would have gone to a nearby 84 Lumber yard.
      Jim Frye
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        Going to the box stores, Lowes or Home Depot, can be very hit or miss. If you catch them at low stock all they will have are the ones people did not want, the ones that are twisted warped, waned, split and cracked with large dents, gouges and knots as wide as the board or wider and splintered.

        But on a good day with freshly stocked shelves, they can have many nice straight, relatively clear 2x4s.
        So you have to go by periodically and when they have straight, clear ones, buy a few extras because there will be days with none. Keep a small stock of the good ones when you find them.
        That's my advice.
        Loring in Katy, TX USA
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          I have done that and kept them in clamps in the shop. I'm going to have to do that soon for a basement storage project coming up. First, I have to get an HVLP system and paint some walls before I install the shelving I'm going to build. I also have to paint our kitchen island cabinets and that's what the HVLP system will really be purchased for.
          Jim Frye
          The Nut in the Cellar.
          ”Sawdust Is Man Glitter”