Occasional and Momentary motor lockup

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  • Occasional and Momentary motor lockup

    I have an old ryobi tablesaw (BTS16). I used it pretty much just for ripping deckboards and 4x8 sheets of siding. On occassion - and somewhat frequently - the motor sounds like it locks up - and then it will run just fine for awhile. It reminds me of the sound the new "contact" technology makes when the blade is forcefully stopped.

    The only reason i am looking to fugure this out - and repair it - is i hve this whole other neural program about tossing an entire tool in the trash (read landfill) over a 50 cent part. The tool may hold little to no value to me - but I can CraigsList the thing and somebody can get some use out of it - - - once it is running again.

    My guess with this one is the brushes are worn way down. But i have no idea what "worn" brushes sounds like. I am wide open to suggestions to investigate the cause!

    FWIW - the motor is no longer available...discontinued. I've ebayed the part number a few times and got zero hits.
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    After a lockup how do you get it started? Just turn off and back on? Have to move the blade rotation position?

    Brush problems don't sound likely if it comes to a jarring stop. Still, brushes are easy to find, open, check and can be replaced with a little work from generic replacement brushes at places like Ace hardware. a little search on Google and U-tube can probably give you an idea how to check. if the saw is useless then it is not much of a risk.
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