BT3100 for Sale in Houston

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  • BT3100 for Sale in Houston

    BT3100 for Sale in Houston Area
    Ryobi BT3100-1 10” Table Saw w/original blade for sale. I listed this as a comment under Mike Ward’s post – but decided I better make a new, separate listing. Got a new a new Delta 10” for Christmas and though this has been a faithful machine, it takes up precious room in the garage! Runs fine but needs to go.
    Includes the following:
    • Fence
    • Sliding Miter Table
    • Accessory Table
    • Riving knife and blade guard
    • Inserts: Zero clearance and the dado insert
    • Hex wrenches
    • Stand is off but all hardware is there (built a cabinet for it some time ago but not included)
    • Operator’s Manual
    • Purchased new in mid 2000’s for $$$$ (long time ago – how time flies!)
    • Asking $150 OBRO
    • Prefer Cash Only
    • Must pick up – NO Shipping
    • Not selling parts – if you want the parts you have to purchase the whole saw
    • Located in Tomball, TX, (Northpoint) North of Houston just inside the Grand Parkway and 249

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    That is a good looking saw. Too bad I already have one!

    If I think of someone that needs one, I will send them to this post...
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    • dbhost

      Editing a comment
      I was trying to avoid saying that. But IMHO, yeah, I actually rather like my BT3100, but I am notoriously odd in my choice of equipment. I just REALLY like the features of the BT3x00. Honestly if they made these with a SawStop style blade brake, and a Cast Iron table, I would go out and buy a new one NOW... (those are the only 2 features I would have preferred differently...).

    • TomballTermite
      TomballTermite commented
      Editing a comment
      I do love it, but have gotten tired (really tired) of the aluminum table top and the way the splitter is configured...and a SawStop! what a concept! Otherwise, it's an exceptional design!

    • dbhost

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      The splitter / riving knife was a selling point for me, but I have an aftermarket Shark Guard and knife which is way better IMHO than the original...

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    Clean Looking saw, good luck on selling it.
    Loring in Katy, TX USA
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      IF you still have it and would ship I'd be all over it.