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RBI Hawk precision scroll saw

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  • RBI Hawk precision scroll saw

    RBI 220 VS precision scroll saw in excellent working condition. I replaced many of the wear items on the saw recently, and cleaned everything thoroughly. It has been upgraded with the newer Loc-line blower and air bellows. Runs smoothly at all speeds. It includes a whole bunch of blades in storage tubes as shown. I may have a few other spare parts, but wasn't able to locate them before listing--still looking and may or may not be included. It has an added shelf on the stand with strong reinforcements to hold wood and supplies. The rolling base in the photos is not included in the sale. i'm selling this because I just rarely use it, and go to the bandsaw more often. I don't do much small stuff at all.

    I have no idea what it would cost to ship this, so it's local pickup or you arrange shipping. I can work with you on shipping for whatever it costs. I can disassemble the stand to minimize the size of the package if you'd like. I am located at the North end of 67th Avenue in Peoria, AZ 85383. I work from home and can arrange pickup most any time.

    I'd like to get $350 firm for it, I think that's reasonable for what it is and the great condition.

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    Jim Frye
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      Oops, thought I posted them...
      Click image for larger version

Name:	rbi-saw1.jpeg
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	rbi-plate.jpeg
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Name:	rbi-blades.jpeg
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          Looks like a beautiful piece of machinery. Impressive.
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            I posted a link to this on the Scrollsaw Woodworking forum. Several people use the Hawk and really like it.
            Hank Lee

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              Thanks! It is a great machine, I think. I just never got how to use it. I always suck at it, and it's not all that interesting. I have other tools that do what I wanted it for. The space it occupies is a place I could put to better use.


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                I've never really got too deep into scrolling. I bought a fairly decent (I think) Ryobi SC180VS back in 2003 that was the same design of the Ridgid. I've only used it a couple of times though and it's still sitting in the original box.

                That said, your Hawk looks like an absolutely fantastic scroll saw at a terrific price and I'd snatch it up in a minute if I had a place to put it! I think that it is a terrific deal and it should go quickly with anyone actually in the hobby. Do you have any idea what shipping would be on it?

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                  I really don't know on shipping. Very sure under $100. It seems like it would be about as big and heavy as other things I've shipped for $60-80. USPS parcel post is pretty cost effective. If it's something you're interested in, we could try to figure it out.


                  • cwsmith
                    cwsmith commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Sorry Carlos, I just realized you had already stated you have "no idea what it would cost to ship this" and I should have gone back and reread your original post.... my apologies!

                    While I am attracted to the purchase I'm afraid I just don't have the room in my rather small 12 x 20 work shed. As it is, I have my 2003 Ryobi still in the box and my son recently reminded me that at my age, I should be considering getting rid of stuff rather than adding to it. ( major aggrevation )

                    I was more thinking that having some idea of shipping might help you sell it outside your immediate area, and I think your reply did that.


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                  Yeah, I guess I should have said that I have some ideas, but they are loose and I really don't know. I'm considering packing it up anyway, and see. If I did know, and it's not a lot, it might sell better. And it gets it out of the way, as right now it lives in some prime real estate. I'd also like to move its mobile base to the edge sander, that has a very flimsy base and is heavy.