BT3 aluminum fence blocks and accessory nuts

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  • BT3 aluminum fence blocks and accessory nuts

    I am selling a set of machined fence adapter blocks and a handful of nuts for jig attachments. I know longer have my BT3 so these need to go.

    $20 shipped in the U.S.

    PayPal preferred.

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    What thread size are the t-nuts? I know the smaller sizes are usually 10-32, but it's hard to tell what the others are.


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      Do you still have these?


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        T sells these and lists the sizes for our saws on their web site. Use the Shopping link above to get there and receive a discount code.


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          there is some discount code here I don't want to find the discount code but don't know where to get the code. If anyone knows where there is a discount code, please tell me.
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            Click on the link to on the main page of the site. The current code is always there.

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          The T-nuts coupon code is here:

          Its currently BT3K2022 if you don't want to click the link. gives you 10% off.
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