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Wagner paint sprayer (help!)

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  • Wagner paint sprayer (help!)

    Help ---- the deck needs re-staining.

    LOML decided we needed a paint sprayer to do the work------- so she went out and bought a Wagner instead of a paint brush (grrrr).

    Now, there's a problem ----- it only sprays when the nozzle 's connecting ring is NOT tightened all the way.

    Neighbor told her "you gotta tighten it all the way" --- so now it's up to me to figure out why it doesn't spray when it's tightened all the way.

    I'm a woodworker ---- and could not care less about power sprayers. I'd prefer to paint by night - but she wants to spray by day.

    This is a $50 wagner unit (all I can remember at the moment). It's causing $500 worth of mischief, if you ask me.

    Anyone care to help me save this relationship?
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    The last, and only time I used a Wagner was more than two decades ago so I can't really help you... that particular sprayer worked okay, except it was noisier than he!! and a bear to clean. However, I sprayed my old deck about then years and though it was very fast, the stain was more like a paint coating and it didn't last the year. just too little stain I think it it didn't really penetrate the way a brush coating did (done the following year) The other thing with the spraying was that you have to be very careful near the siding. I masked and still got some stain on the vinyl siding (that lasted longer than the stain on the deck).

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      Originally posted by durango dude View Post
      This is a $50 wagner unit (all I can remember at the moment). It's causing $500 worth of mischief, if you ask me.
      I had one of those and tried to use for a couple of hours before finally giving up. I don't remember what I spend on it, but Menards wouldn't take it back and it wasn't worth the effort of trying to make it work. It ended up in the trash.

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        Iíve had several of the portable airless sprayers, none of which were worth the box they came in, in my opinion. My biggest letdown was a powered roller, donít remember the brand, it had a small compressor that pressureized a gallon can of paint, forcing it to the roller handle through a hose. Great idea? I suppose, but this one had a button for a valve that allowed paint to feed into the roller, you had to have a special roller with holes in the core. The valve is about as cheaply made as a BT3 power switch and never fully shut off. Dang what a mess, paint everywhere. Problem #2 was the mechanism provided to seal the gallon can of paint, a piece of tin plate for the bottom and another for the top with a couple of screws with wing nuts. Everything leaked, not what you want when you are painting inside a carpeted room. I finally got the valve to shut off on the paint roller and moved my tarps to the other wall, just as the plastic gallon paint can came apart at the seam from too high air pressure, I was going to replace the carpet later on, but decided rather to pull it out rather than clean it. After I got the carpet out of the house I threw the paint roller, compressor and hose in the middle of the carpet and rolled they whole thing up and hauled it to the landfill.

        One of my paint contractors used a Graco TrueCoat II Pro airless handheld sprayer that worked beautifully for unthinned latex. I think it cost upward of $400. I do remember him saying it had a limited life of 400 gallons, but the less expensive version had a life of 50 gallons. Thatís provably more than any of use will ever spray.


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          Those Wagner sprayers are junk, waste of money. I have a GRACO Magnum X 7 bought it 8 yrs. ago sprayed 4 homes and still going strong. Just maintain it and follow the instructions for storage. I just finished spraying my home this summer after it was in storage for 6 yrs. it just starts up like new. You can purchase rebuilt ones on ebay for $200-$300.00 with a 1 yr. factory warranty + free shipping on the lower 48 states or new from Amazon Prime $369 + free shipping. I paid $369. at HD 8 yrs. ago. If cost is an issue, roller & brush would be the way to go instead of wasting $$ on a Wagner $50. piece of c--p. that money could have bought 2 gallons of paint or stain.


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            I see this is an old thread, but I have a Wagner that I used to use for projects. Like others, I eventually gave up. But the one thing that comes to mind is it's REALLY picky about viscosity. loosening the nozzle a bit might give it just a bit more wiggle room if the viscosity is too thick, so try thinning the paint.