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Another use for Spindle Sanders!

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  • Another use for Spindle Sanders!

    New use for Oscilating Spindle Sander: Sharpening fingernail clippers.

    When I lived in Japan, we had no problem with buying good and sharp fingernail clippers. I brought a few pair back with us. However, like small pocket knives, they have a way of disappearing. Just when I need some while on a trip, I pick some up at Walmart or other and the cheaper American kinds such as Revlon just are not sharp. Once in a blue moon, I would find a good pair. I ended up ordering three pair from Amazon last year and they too, went into hiding.

    I found 5 pair today and they were not sharp as compared to the $15 - $20 ones that I ordered from Amazon last year, nor as sharp as what I used to get in Japan. So I decided to sharpen them.

    The curve on the fingernail clippers matched the 1 1/2 inch spindle sleeve, so I set my spindle grinder up and in about 5 minutes, I had some sharp fingernail clippers again, including the Revlon clipper that I despised.

    It takes a steady hand and firm grip, but it works. I didnít hone them but they could use honing. I didnít have time to get my belt sander with the leather belt out. Will try that next time - in two or three years.
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    Hank Lee

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    Great idea Hank!
    just another brick in the wall...


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      OMG, totally agree with the quality of Japanese clippers and have had equal struggle. I dont have this spindle but will keep in mind as a benefit for future purchase