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  • Killing rats

    Yeah, I had rats in the garage.Big ones, not mice.

    Had a Victor rat trap, caught and killed one immediately baiting the trap with peanut butter.
    A second rat was noticed. I baited the trap the same way. Four days in a row this second rat totally cleaned off the peanut butter without tripping the trigger. On the fourth day I saw it was cleaned off again and just left it where it was, empty but still set.
    Two days later I come by and there's a dead rat in the unbaited trap. He must have come by and said hey where's the goodies and nosed around a little too much looking for them.

    Loring in Katy, TX USA
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    Might / could be a third one around just a tad smarter. Hopefully for you it was only 2!
    Hank Lee

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      I shot the third one sometime back while he squeezed himself into the bird feeder I made. I have a pellet hole in my feeder now but no more rat.

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    Catch him with a 5 gallon bucket. I've had good luck catching rats that ravaged our dogs food. Lots of gimmicks using 5 gallon buckets on u tube but I've found that a deep 5 gallon bucket ( vrs a squatty bucket ) with about 3 inches of water and a hand full of dog food floating on top, placed near a shelf or something they are use to climbing on during their raids, gets them all. I've tried it without water but the big ones can jump out. Water keeps them from jumping and drowns then.


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      I also had the same problem with rats licking (very carefully) the peanut butter off the trigger.
      cheese and bacon would spoil before anything ate it.
      out of frustration, I knew all rodents love nuts. so I took a pecan, removed half the shell
      and taped it to the trigger with scotch tape. bam - bam - bam .... dead rodents - one after another
      until a total of 6 were cleaned out. I found where their entry path was and closed it up tight. no more rat problems !!

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